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Chip Murray is a Christian-Conservative, Singer/Songwriter, Financial Advisor, and Oath Keeper from Slate Hill, NY…who has discovered the importance of living from the inside out, and turning our world right-side-up again! 😉


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  1. Sarah D says:

    Inspiring photo Chip. There is only one path we can walk. There is only one person we can be. There is only one song we can sing. ” A house divided cannot stand.” ………Social Media is a schizophrenic kaleidoscope in my hands. Every once in a while I try to figure it out and I get lost in the cyberspace and reality slips away until I find that time is gone with nothing to show for it. …….. I admire your apparent skill with social media interface along with the way you embrace “your work.” “When I grow up in a year or two or three” I will not be a house divided. I will be a part of a team who are answering their call to embrace and share truth with all who have an eye to see, an ear to hear, a heart to feel, and the will to embrace. Thank You for being an inspiration. Sarah D

    • shutupnsing says:

      How wonderful it is to hear from you Sarah…I hope you are still playing and singing your heart out for all to hear. I haven’t a clue with all this Social Media Stuff…I just throw as much as I have at the wall & hope for something to stick!
      God Bless you my friend!…

  2. Rick D'Alton says:

    As a (local) graduate of the U. of Notre Dame, I’m sickened after reading your article. It does appear that at this rate, the ‘gates of hell’ will and are prevailing. If it is to be as Jesus declared, only a miracle will change what is happening. And I think it may very well be the final miracle.

    • shutupnsing says:

      Rick…the ball is in our court my friend. We hold the “miracle” within our own hearts. We have been put under a deep dark incremental spell that goes back 40+ years…You know how difficult it is to wake up after one night of sleep…how about 40 years worth of nights!! But that is exactly what we are doing…keep the faith, be the voice!

  3. Chip, Check out our web site (www.nyffcoalition.com) and plan to join us in 2013. –Rev. Bill Banuchi (Who you quoted).

  4. wbm64 says:

    Hey Chip, love the blog posts…was wondering how to reach u by email.

  5. Peter Diffenbacher says:

    Financial Advisor. Gold: watch the tide my friend. What you see right now with precious metals is the tide receding out of synch. What is about to happen to the Earth is what happened in Thailand a few years back. Gold will be the sign. It will get pulled back sharply and abruptly into a monstrous wave. Than like in Thailand, come sweep, over, all the world. That, my friend, will be just the beginning.

  6. Ed Gabel says:

    You’re on my favorites list now.

  7. Peggy Cirillo says:

    I can visit this site to continue following the SMTU. Where might I go to get the PFW info since FB is not an option for me? As you know, I enjoy and get something out of both. Ty Peace Chip

  8. John R Gagne says:

    Chip, Do you have a mid-week article you post? Maybe having to do with your Wednesday bible study?

  9. Chip Murray says:

    Excellent Rene…please email me at chip.murray253@gmail.com and I’ll add you to invite…sorry I missed you this week. Only just now saw message.

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