The Man Behind the Guitar…

I am an ordinary soul who has been blessed with a gift to paint the world he sees through words and music. I have lived on every coast and lean right of most, but there is a straight line from my heart to my hand. You are in the best seat to hear what I say, and are welcome at to hear what I play.

7 Responses to The Man Behind the Guitar…

  1. Brian Mooney says:

    Great video on Youtube- Independence Day. Mind if I re-post on my blog. Would also like to add a link to your blog on my blogroll.

  2. William A. Griffiths, Jr. says:

    Chip, you aging just fine!

  3. Bartsie says:

    Chip, you have a gift with words and the right kind of heart, worthy of expression. thanks for your inspirational touch upon my life. Bartsie

  4. Claudia Baya says:

    I am becoming a fan! 🙂

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