The Great American Coma!

It takes from 15-20 years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years it takes to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy…Yuri Bezmenov, Former KGB Agent

Not that long ago, an American President set a candle in a window sill of the White House as the symbolic beacon of our kindred spirit in solidarity with our Polish brethren who were suffering under the ruthless stranglehold of tyranny 4,500 miles away.

Yesterday I actually stood on a field in Goshen, New York with hundreds of my fellow citizens to protest the hands of the very same evil, this time conspiring to sever our own windpipe from the precious air of our 1st Amendment…and our freedom of religion!

Please, whoever you are…and wherever you are in the world, please read these two sentances again and let them resonate in every fiber of your being. On Friday March 23rd  2012, on a village green in the town of Goshen, NY…American Citizens had to stand up for and defend their own religious freedom!!!

In Krakow Poland, every member of every church was in the street with Lech Walesa to put the evil down! Their burning light gave evil NO place to hide! Yesterday, the majority of the congregations of churches in the Goshen area apparently had more important things to do, than to be with Christ on this day…of all days! I wonder what could have been more important?

Last night (on the very same day as my Religious Freedom Rally) I watched an episode of the very popular TV Show, House with a Liberal (who of course wasn’t at the rally). It was the episode where the female patient, we discover, is in an “open marriage”. So of course the married Dr. Taub finds himself attracted to her and the idea of “open marriage” which he happens to share with his wife…all of this converging to the “awkward moment” scene where the GQ-hunkafied boyfriend walks into her hospital room with flowers while both the husband and Dr. Taub are there. The only person not there is Taub’s wife who has already given her consent to Taub to…follow his passion! All of this is of course normalized…with a dash of comic relief, during a medical team briefing with all of the characters…

As we sat on the couch taking this all in, I commented to my Liberal friend, “We’re observing the disintegration of Family.” She looked at me and shook her head as if I had just offended her! I thought to myself, this really is amazing…this extremely intelligent, bright and articulate person sitting next to me…who wasn’t standing next to me earlier in the day because standing up for the 1st Amendment is the War on Women’s Rights in her mind, has just watched the literal disintegration of the family played out…and not only can she not accept what her own eyes have shown her, she reacts defensively to the Truth when it appears!

Imagine just one generation ago! Any TV show centered on the lives of doctors in hospitals…anything other than the actual family visiting the patient. But today, the Anything Goes Rx in the Court of King “Pill-Popping” Rock Star House, isn’t just accepted…it’s admired!!

I cannot begin to describe the horror that comes our way. From fissure to crack to gaping hole we are a massive collapsing social hematoma…held together by the hallucination being fed to us. What happens when they pull the cord? How long before she turns me in…I wonder?

What does it take for a good person to abandon morality in favor of comfort and survival…I wonder? Perhaps Yuri knows…


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Great American Coma!

  1. I’m sorry to say I missed the rally yesterday. (A friend needed my help with something and I could not tell him no.) That said… I was there in spirit!

    Great column, Chip. You’re right. The disintegration of the family is destroying America. Social pathology has already destroyed black America and is well on its way to destroying Hispanic America. We whites aren’t far behind. Check the stats.

    (I highly recommend “Coming Apart: The State of White America” by Charles Murray; order on Amazon now while this info is right in front of you!)

    Back to the rally and the mandate issue…

    It’s not “just” about religious freedom, Chip; it’s about freedom period!

    The state (meaning “government” whether federal or state) has no right to order an employer or an insurance company to provide “free” anything.

    You’re a singer and financial professional, Chip. I have a small limo business. The government has no more right to command an employer or insurance company to provide free birth control or abortions than it does to demand that you appear in Goshen or Albany or Washington D.C. each Friday afternoon to provide free entertainment for government workers and/or the general public and that… by the way… I must provide you free transportation!


    It’s not that I’m bragging about my elementary school education, but… I do remember something about Lincoln freeing the slaves!

    Neither Americans as individuals nor Americans via “organization” are slaves of the state to be ordered around and “mandated” to provide free labor and/or “charity” to others.

    This is beyond Christ, Chip. This is beyond religious liberty. This is about inalienable rights and even those who don’t believe in God must believe in the basic freedom of “freedom from slavery.”

    On this one… freedom loving atheists should be just as outraged as any priest, rabbi, monk, or mullah.

    It’s about FREEDOM!

    • shutupnsing says:

      Nothing is beyond Christ my friend, but I think I know what you meant to say. It was a wonderful day. There were some great speakers, which included rabbi’s and Priests…Yes, it is about Freedom. I think of it like the safety drill on the airplane. Mother Liberty takes the oxygen first! There is much at work here…true lines are being drawn. We are in for some real pain I’m afraid…and the most amazing thing about all of this is…there is nothing new. Only the names have changed…

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