Freshman Betrayal, Bullies & Big Bad Bankers!

Is there anything more painful in this world than the betrayal of trust? Trust is so foundationally essential to relationship; there is no relationship worth having without it…which is exactly why the devastating dagger of betrayal cuts so deep!  One of the most powerful betrayal scenes ever produced on film was in the movie Braveheart when William Wallace, having been betrayed by Robert the Bruce in a deal he had cut with Longshanks for more land, lay wounded and defeated during a battle that should have been won.

Wallace rips away the face armor to reveal the face of Bruce and falls back in a complete collapse from the shock of his fellow countryman’s betrayal! The devastation in Wallace’s expression was so powerful it broke the heart of Bruce…motivating him to help Wallace escape.

American Patriots in the Lower Hudson Valley thought they had the same friend in Nan Hayworth when they rallied to her support in what turned out to be one of the many Republican victories to win the House in November of 2010! As in the case of the Scottish freedom-fighters, the Ruling Class Tyrants of the modern-day had gone to far, too fast…arousing the passionate sword of liberty to a mighty sweeping arc!  The Democrats fell in huge numbers, losing key seats in places like New Jersey,Massachusetts and Virginia. It was a glorious day for liberty and a very bad day for statism, but…that was yesterday!

With the momentum of such powerful victories reflecting a flat-out rejection of Obama’s radical prescription for America from healthcare to immigration, energy and defense…the stage seemed well set for the return of common sense and the restoration of an American government of the people, by the people and for the people. Add to Liberty’s sails the favorable winds of Obama’s growing eligibility scandal, and our course correction seemed inevitable!

But as the days turned to weeks, and the months to years, optimism turned to doubt and despair.  The very people we fought for and trusted inexplicably surrendered the winning hand and, with few exceptions, they succumbed to the offers and bribes of the modern-day Longshanks. When your self-proclaimed “Conservative” Freshman Congresswoman boasts about her voting with Obama, you instinctively fear the worst. But when she smiles for the cameras at the Anti-Bully Rally while dissing the Freedom of Religion Rally in the very town where she has an office, while she is “in the district”…you realize the Wallace-Bruce-level of her devastating betrayal!

I’ll give you the perfect analogy drawn from her own “daughter of British Freedom-Fighters who served with Churchill” line. Does anyone imagine that school bullies today are any more a danger or threat than the school bullies in the British School System during the mid to late 30’s? Imagine if Churchill spent his time drawing the public’s attention to vicious school bullies, instead of the growing shadow of Hitler’s war machine! What is particularly fascinating about this analogy is the fact that had Churchill spent his time on such domestic trivia, he would have been far more popular and he would have enjoyed greater short-term success instead of the merciless berating and ridicule he endured from the public and his own colleagues! But then again, Churchill possessed that extremely rare quality in politicians we used to call courage.

Anyone who doesn’t see the Hitler’s of our day in Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein is either under-informed, naïve or both! And yet the megaton destruction they wield in their financial arsenals makes the Nazi War Machine look like tinker toys!

But our Ruling Class Longshank Tyrants do not want us looking here…WHY? Could it be for the same reason they don’t want us tuning into the Sheriff Arpaio Investigation?

Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that both Romney and Obama are heavily financed by JP Morgan (Dimon) and Goldman Sachs (Blankfein)? The unspeakable horror coming our way, perpetrated by evil too dark to describe…and these clowns want us focused on schoolyard bullies? We are cursed with a Congress of Chamberlain’s and the King of the Bullies occupying our White House who sent the very bust of Churchill back to England…as if to say to the cowering Hayworth, I own you!

The Hayworth Legacy– She stood up to the schoolyard bully while appeasing the Tyrant! Mom and Dad would be so proud!


Your Betrayed Constituency!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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12 Responses to Freshman Betrayal, Bullies & Big Bad Bankers!

  1. jyoung07424 says:

    Chip, obviously I have no first hand experience as a politician, but such behavior as Ann Hayworth exhibited after her election begs the question, “what did ‘the powers that be’ promise her or threaten her with to make her do a 180 on her political values???” When such a drastic change occurs in one’s personal beliefs something drastic must have entered the picture. Either wealth, power or some sort of fear for herself or family could have turned her toward the “Dark Side”! Whatever the case, we’ve seen this happen before and, sadly, we probably will many times more in the future!

    • says:

      Term limits are the only answer.

      An imperfect answer? Yes. But we live in an imperfect world.

      Four terms for members of the House; two terms for members of the Senate.

      Will this “solve” our nation’s problems? No. Will it actually backfire in a few cases. Yes. But on the whole…


      Notice… there’s no Tea Party challenger to Nan Hayworth. Why? Because as much as we hate to admit it, your average Republican is NOT a Tea Party supporter.

      Your average Republican is the lesser of two evils as compared to your average Democrat.


      There are few of “us.” There are many of “them.” That’s just the way it is.

  2. Shutupnsing says:

    No mystery in the age-old lust for power Jimmy! This is what we are up against…and a cowardly congresswoman who’s hot on the trail of the schoolyard bully! God HELP us all!

  3. says:

    “Is there anything more painful in this world than the betrayal of trust?”


    Nan Hayworth is a disgrace.

    William R. Barker

  4. says:|newswell|text||p

    Independent groups rate Hayworth’s voting record as near the middle of House Republicans, but less moderate than several other New York Republicans. National Journal magazine, for example, rated Hayworth’s voting record at 52.7 out of 100 for conservatism in 2011. That’s significantly lower than the 91.2 rating for freshman Republican Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle of the Syracuse area, but it’s slightly more conservative than the 48.8 rating for freshman Republican Rep. Chris Gibson of Kinderhook or the 47.2 rating for freshman Republican Rep. Richard Hanna of Oneida County.|newswell|text||p

    Dutchess County Republican Party Chairman Mike McCormack agrees Hayworth faces a tough campaign. In addition to redistricting, more women and young adults — who tend to vote Democratic — may come to the polls in November because it’s a presidential election year.

    “It will make it harder,” McCormack said.

    But he said Hayworth has the advantage of incumbency and what he described as a “very good record.” He labels Hayworth a “Republican,” not a conservative.





    • shutupnsing says:

      …and bear in mind Bill, that “Moderate” Hayworth would be “Comrade” Hayworth in most other states in the union! A “very good record” towing the establishment line in deed!

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  6. says:

    One caveat, dear friend, regarding Col. West.

    He’s human.

    Yep… I’d be thrilled to have him as President, Speaker of the House, or Majority Leader of the Senate, but…


    He’s back-stabbed us too, Chip.

    (There’s details on my blog… he backed Boehner on Boehner’s lies concerning fake budget “savings.”)

    Again… to a CERTAIN extent I buy the old Reagan contention that anyone who agrees with you 90% of the time and disagrees with you 10% of the time is an ALLY – not an enemy. But that said… another Reagain truism: TRUST BUT VERIFY.

    Yep… on occasion even the likes of Jim DeMint gets it wrong.

    Senator Coburn…? Yep… him too.

    And, Chip… I’m not talking sincere philosophical disagreements. No. You and I have those all the time and we respect each others views. Nope. I’m talking POLITICAL betrayal based upon “pragmatic” self-interest.

    To boil it down… all I’m doing is reminding people that when push comes to shove… NO politician can be 100% counted upon.

    • shutupnsing says:

      Yes, and his vote to pass the NDAA was a red flag for me as well. I guess its “hard to be a saint in the city” as Bruce would crow! But what else can we do but cackle our lodest enthusiasm when they exibit the courage of calling out the Marxists in their midst!?

  7. says:

    Chip. You still refuse to get it. It’s not “the Marxists” who are destroying this country. It is the Republican House, the Republican caucus in the Senate, Mitt Romney, the MSM, the Courts which are allowing the Constitution to be shredded while the American Sheeple dumbly look on.

    Again… check out my newsbite #8 from today’s (Monday’s) Usually Right Newsbites.

    I’m “screaming” at the “top of my lungs” to anyone who will listen, but from Mitt Romney… not a word.

    How’bout Col. West… do you see him jumping on this issue?

    How’bout Jim DeMint?

    John Boehner… Mitch McConnell… GEORGE W. FRIGG’N BUSH or GEORGE H.W. BUSH…???

    Chip. Get it through your head… these people don’t CARE about even the BASIC constitutional responsibilities of elected representatives!

    While West is babbling on about “Marxists” the Constitution of the United States is being shredded… AND HE’S A UNITED STATES CONGRESSMAN!

    Prioritize, man!

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