What If You Only Had One Day?

“The Voice of God is in the gap between our thoughts. The purpose of meditation is to widen the gap.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Frustrated over my obsession with all things political, my best friend shoved a copy of How to Know God by Deepak Chopra in my face as if it were an antidote-like cure for all that was ailing me…and her. 🙂

Interestingly, the next day as I was on the elevator in my office building with a copy of it tucked under my arm so that only the word God appeared, I was approached by a lovely woman who struck up a conversation with me in response to seeing the book. She happened to be Hindu, and we discussed meditation. This is how it seems to be with God. He can be very accommodating under the right conditions. There is most definitely a correlation between his manifestation and the law of attraction!

Sometimes the most effective way towards something is away from it. Sometimes we need to turn away from the want. Sometimes the easiest way to grasp something is to let go of it. There is a sort of conflicting, paradoxical duality in this. If I wish to bring God into my life, the wishing is a very powerful 1st step. That act alone brings a degree of his manifestation. Enlightenment is really the result of intentional wishing followed by a series of right actions. Sounds easy, huh? Unfortunately, the world is one big and shiny amusement park perfectly designed to lure us to and attract us away from right actions.

After all, how can the soft whisper of God in the gap compete with the “step right up” to claim-your-prize yell of the carnival barkers? Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in…don’t they!

But meditation is, in my opinion, the paradox. It is the non-action, the non-reaching. Intention may be set before hand, but the meditation itself is non-intending. Meditation is the still water we are led beside…and then lured away from.

I don’t care who you are or what you do…if you stop and think about the external world wherever you are right now…it has become a swirling vortex of intensity, the affect of which has a gravitational pull much the same as a tornado. It pulls us away from ourselves…which (by degree) is exactly what feeds and increases the strength of the storm. If we were all to suddenly ignore the barker’s lure, and turn instead to our own still waters within…the storm would dissipate just as suddenly.

You go first! 😉

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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