Prepare for the Light

On this day we (Christians) celebrate the birth of a light so great that all mankind mark our time on this earth from the point before (BC), and after(AD) his birth. While stars come and go and the earth itself shifts on its axis…in two thousand and twelve years there is one constant. The nature of man hasn’t moved a scintilla in the shadow of an atom since the day of Herod.

The light was far from welcome in those days as well. Think about it…there were only three men wise enough to prepare for it…only three men willing to travel to the least hospitable place to honor it at great peril, knowing the darkness of Herod’s heart. Imagine the threat posed by such a simple light to render Herod’s heart to such a murderous decree…every single man child in Judea below the age of 2 put to the sword before their mother’s eyes.

What has changed? Certainly not the State…which today not only sanctions the murder of innocents well beyond the mere thousands slaughtered by Herod; it has mandated the hand of every citizen to be upon the instrument of death! I would argue that, by degree, the world is a much darker place today for this reason alone. Where is the voice of the Shepherd?

We are exactly as we were then…alone and every bit as desperate for the light we are not wise enough to welcome. We know the cup of emptiness we drink from and we drink from it anyway. How is it we are able to look into the eyes but not into the soul? Are we afraid of what we will find there? Yes, we are afraid and yet we continue to choose fear. We hunger for the fruit of love while we continue to sew the seeds of hate.

Unto us this day a child is born. Welcome him in every way. Prepare for him in every way.

Merry Christmas dear friend!



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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