“Screams & Dreams” for New Years Eve!

To Whom it May Inspire ~

I have come up with an idea to add something special to our New Years Eve revelry. I call it “Screams & Dreams”. What I’m inviting everyone to do between now and New Years Eve is to think about those events, issues or aspects that you feel were the most destructive or greatest threat to your health, well-being and peace of mind in 2012. Write them down (as many as you like) on a piece of paper and categorize them as either “personal” or “public”. You will be invited to share these…or not.

Next, do the very same thing with your greatest Dreams for 2013. These too will be categorized as either “personal” or “public” which we will be free to share…or not.

At some point in the evening, after dinner most likely, we will gather in the living room to share the Screams we care to share. Once we have done so, we will purge ourselves and loved ones of their toxins once and for all by sending them into the woodstove, up through the stove pipe and out into the space of gone, good riddance and forgotten!

Next, we will share any or all of our Dreams and aspirations for 2013 with one another. This will be the most powerful moment of the evening (I predict) for the simple reason that supporting the Dreams of those we love is the greatest attribute of friendship I can think of. After everyone has shared what they wish to share, we’ll collect them all, “Personal” & “Public”, seal them in a special vessel marked 2013, and place them on our Prayer Shrine where they will remain for all of 2013!

There you have it….a Murray Original! We are looking forward to seeing everyone and making this New Years one to remember!




Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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