Our Moral Imperative!

Soon has arrived!

Soon has arrived!

The war that needs to happen is in the U.S. to depose the Obama regime. Remember, sedition is insurrection against a LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT. The Obama regime is utterly, completely and totally illegitimate, therefore insurrection and counter-revolt against it is NOT sedition, it is a moral imperative.~ Ann Barnhardt

We Americans are known for our “eating contests”…hot dogs, pies and the like. But haven’t you ever wondered why we don’t have a contest to honor the one thing we seem to be better at than any other country in the world? When is some entrepreneurial genius going to step up to the plate and produce the first “Lie Eating Contest”?

What I don’t understand is why the guys who eat 100 hot dogs will usually suffer some major indigestion at best, and puke their brains out at worst…and yet the average American can down a thousand lies, turn right around and come back for more! I know I’ve never actually seen lies made, but I’m sure they’re a lot worse for you than hot dogs!

Seriously, let’s start with Obamacare. Imagine the size of the bun it took for this 3,000 page lie. And yet, for us Americans…like swallowing a pea I tell ya! No wonder we have an obesity problem in America…this crap NEVER leaves your system! And then Fast & Furious…GULP! We need to bomb Libya…GULP!  Benghazi “the video made them do it!”…GULP! AP…GULP! IRS…GULP! NSA…GULP! We need to bomb Syria…GULP?

Wait a minute…what’s this? This one has a funny taste to it. The Director of Research at the Brookings Doha Center, Shadi Hamid claims… This one seems to not want to go down so easy…hmmm. “Director of Research”…hmmm…If research is about finding stuff out, and this guy is the Director…perhaps we should savor this one a bit before swallowing, eh? Wasn’t it just last week that a future Pulitzer Prize-winning blogger posted this little gem? That’s what we used to call “corroborating stories” back in the day when America and her so-called “journalists” gave a hoot about the silly little incidentals of evidence and facts!

WOW! A report from a DIRECTOR of RESEARCH in the MIDDLE EAST that suggests our President is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. So…OK, before we panic. George Washington was a Mason…and I’m sure we’ve had a President or two who were members of Kiwanis…or Rotary even…but we knew these things about them. The Muslim Brotherhood, on the other hand, is to terrorism as the church once was to Christianity! How is this even possible? As a lowly financial advisor, I need to disclose EVERY affiliation I have on what’s known as a U4. Do you mean to tell me that Obama was elected to the highest office in the land without having to disclose his membership in the modern day 3rd Reich? But if it walks and quacks…

Major Hasan’s “work-place violence”, Muslim Brotherhood’s access to State through Huma Abedin, the Bachmann-Gohmert warnings, the so-called “spontaneous Arab Spring”, the “hit” on our Navy Seal Team 6, Obama’s siding with the rebels first in Libya, then Egypt and now Syria, Al Jazeera on American soil! It all adds up…it fits together like the pieces of one very incriminating puzzle.

Obama and the buffoon-in-waiting waltzed into the Rose Garden last week to deliver the latest lie of “taking it to the American People” and “looking forward to the (fete accompli) debate”???? Step back from the deliciousness people and work it! In every single facet of our lives from healthcare to war to environment and economy, it’s the same: CRISIS> EXECUTIVE ORDER/THOUSANDS OF PAGES OF UNCONSTITUTIONAL LEGISLATION>MORE GOVERNMENT!

They are about to “outlaw” the pledge of allegiance in Massachusetts! Speaking “critically” about Islam will soon be a “hate crime”. Senator McCain just heaped praise on the Jihadist war cry, Allahu Akbar ! Yes, the same Senator John McCain who now considers Conservative Americans, as represented by Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, “WHACKO BIRDS”! Hello. Hello, Hello!!! Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me…is there anyone at home?

You and I are now doing the bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood! Libya, Egypt and now Syria…Dictator out…Radical Islam in! The Caliphate has become the political typhoon sweeping the Middle East, Europe and now here in exactly the same way as ALL political wars are waged…WITH MONEY! Our political class has been bought and paid for with petro/drug dollars…make no mistake. There is simply NO other way to reason the facts and events stated above! Ann Barnhardt is dead on! Madison called it in Federalist 57! The Republic is a ghost…Tyranny is alive and well! Leave the bread and circus fools to their eating contests! It is time for us to awaken! It is our moral imperative to resist!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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