New York’s “I’m NOT Loving It” Thursday! :-)

The McRed Comrade Burger

The McRed Comrade Burger

When New Yorkers pulled up to the drive-thru to ponder the mayoral menu this Fall, they had a Capitalist, a Pervert and a Communist to choose from. They ordered the Communist “Happy Meal”… and now they will have to eat it.

Just as Obama has Americans missing even the likes of a Jimmy Carter, New Yorkers have set the stage for a political experience that will make winter seem like spring…and Dinkins seem like George Washington. The Red Rooster has come home to roost, and roost he will my friends.

Today is National “Get Your Own Damn Happy Meal” Day, as fast food workers across the land will walk away from their windows in protest. Well I guess it is a little harder to make a Happy Meal…when you’re not happy. 😦

Why do you suppose there’s all this unhappiness going around all of a sudden? When I was a kid we were happy to flip a burger, bag some fries and pour a shake for whatever we were paid because we knew it was a fast-food start to bigger things…like my friend Larry for instance. He began as a flipper, became a manager and today he owns 5 (I think) of the most lucrative shops in the McDonald’s chain! THAT is the American way my friends. He never demanded anything. He saw an opportunity-he developed a plan-he worked the plan…BINGO!

Watching Charlie Rose interview Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos the other day was extremely revealing. Rose practically chastised Bezos for not being “fair” to the competition. Bezos, a bit taken aback, responded “It’s not my job to be fair to the competition. It’s my job to beat the competition.”

If these kids were smart, they would walk out AFTER their shift ends and walk straight into the office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to hold the man responsible for this nightmare accountable:

The Ominous Line of Blue Burger Buyers!

The Ominous Line of Blue Burger Buyers!

But we weren’t brought to our knees overnight. It has been a dreadfully long slide to this New World Order of Entitlement. Ah, the 2014 “Happy Meal”…Are we ready for our order?

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