The Nature of Resistance

We are being pushed, poked and prodded in much the same way as the schoolyard bully tests his prey for the slightest sign of resistance. Seeing none, the real abuse commences, will never stop and only get worse because it is the pattern embedded in the genes and very DNA of man since the beginning of time…it is human nature.

So what are the possible responses to the bully? Well, we know Einstein was quite smart so it’s a pretty safe bet that his famous definition of insanity (doing the same thing-nothing– and expecting a different outcome) isn’t our best option. There’s always “appeasement”, which history has proven a total failure because it does NOTHING to change the present power structure…in fact, it further emboldens the bully (as we are now witnessing with Iran!). There is really only one other option:


We Americans have never been truly united in our approval or disapproval of those we elect to represent us. But how many of us really appreciate the fact that it is the same government we have always been free to approve or disapprove of…until now that is. I read a comment from someone the other day who admitted to actually being afraid to comment or subscribe to something in this society because this person was “unsure of what organizations may be ‘keeping an eye on’ the people who subscribe to information that may one day be perceived as a threat.” How can we be free when we are afraid? I think it was Basil or Jefferson who said, “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

What we have been slow to grasp as Americans, is that when this President pushes, pokes or prods any one of us, he is affecting ALL of us…White, Black, Liberal and Conservative because our very freedom is based on  our individual liberties to express ourselves without fear! But something has gone terribly wrong in America. For the first time in our history as a nation, we have a President who is deliberately pitting American against American, violating and trampling the very freedoms, principles and charters he swore an oath to protect!

My liberty should never come at the expense of yours, and yet that is the flavor of the day! Multi-generational family businesses are being forced to choose between violating their conscience or closing their doors! Fear-mongering orchestrated from the top is leading to the large-scale surrender of local rights, authority and control to the collective mentality of centralized government with everything from education to land use and healthcare! Oh, I almost forgot about law-enforcement!

When an American President “thanks God” for Planned Parenthood, he doesn’t insult those in the Pro-Life movement alone…he insults the body of America! When he shakes the hand of a Communist Dictator, he doesn’t insult those in the Cuban-American community alone…he insults the body of America!

Unfortunately for us, our actions and inactions have only served to embolden those who seek total and absolute dominion over our lives! Think about America during the time of Tiananmen Square in 1989, compared to America today. The idea of standing in front of a tank is foreign because the idea of losing our freedom hasn’t really reached us in a truly physical sense because we still have stuff! Those of us who have yet to be concerned simply haven’t had things that matter most taken from them…yet.

If you’ll indulge the movie buff in me, allow me to offer the 3 Stages of Braveheart to posit my theory:

First understand that many if not most of us reading these words will more than likely follow this lawless regime straight to Hell because our attachment to things and the fear of losing them overrides our sense of right and wrong.

Stage I ~ The first stage is depicted in the scene where William Wallace has returned to his childhood home where he is patching the roof when several of the villagers ride up to urge him to a secret “resistance meeting”. He politely refuses, wishing instead to tend to his farm and live in peace. This is where most of us are today.

Stage II ~ The second stage begins after the tyrant takes from Wallace that which he valued above all else…his bride Murron. We are not there…yet. But we are very, very close!

Stage III ~ The third and final stage is the stage the tyrant fears the most. It is the martyr stage wonderfully written and acted by Mel Gibson as William Wallace. Most of us can never get to III without passing through II. I pray that none of you will…but I fear that many of us surely will. 

Interestingly, the person who was afraid to comment or subscribe probably had the safety of their children in mind. This man chose to stand BECAUSE he had his child in mind!

In my life, I have known the agony of being bullied. I have also known the miraculous moment of turning fear to courage in order to conquer the illusion that anything in this world had power over me. I pray with all my heart that everyone reading these words will know the same!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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7 Responses to The Nature of Resistance

  1. Admin says:

    FEAR – its interesting – but always has the same outcome – f a i l u r e. I pity your friend b/c a life of fear is no life at all. As the saying goes ‘if we don’t stand for something, we shall fall for anything’ and that ‘fall’ will inevitably be far worse than the original fear. The phrase ‘Live Free or Die’ comes to mind. There is no submission there; there is no act of war there; but it is a good motto to live by. A life free of fear, predicated upon conviction for liberty – is a far superior life than a veteran slave (a person created from and held in place due to fear) ….and make no mistake – the silent among us – are veteran slaves.

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  3. Russ says:

    Beutifully, careingly, and skillfully written, my friend!

  4. Don says:

    Bravo! Well stated.

  5. denomination, there is a growing fear, manifesting itself in every section of country, lest the extension of popish rites and ceremonies shall be found at last injurious to civil liberty.

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