America’s Duck Stew

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson

This Duckster dust-up is far more than just another flashing red alert that America is in deep, deep trouble. This may be our Lexington/Concord counter-revolutionary moment in time. Unlike the Chick-fil-A flap, this one involves a dilemma for A&E that reminds me of the Ultimate Dilemma Joke:

Your mother-in-law driving off a cliff in your brand new corvette! 🙂

Duck Dynasty, you understand, is their “Golden Goose”! …but there is way more than money at stake here! It is ALL about freedom; Free speech, free markets and freedom of religion. There is no America without these, and they are each one interdependent on the other.

This is why Obama has to destroy the free markets. In a normal world, if my local mom & pop butcher were to treat me disrespectfully, then I am free to go to his competitor up the road. But here in Obamaville they have undermined the free markets with crony capitalism. Here they find a corporate butcher that will adhere to their “social agenda”, see to it that they glide through all local zoning hurdles with the help of the corrupt “pay-to-play” politicians who they already own, straight to the prime location right between the two local butchers, and then cut them sweetheart tax deals and regulatory exemptions while they tax and regulate the local mom & pop butchers out of business! This is how GE and Facebook get their ridiculously huge tax breaks! And this is exactly how they destroyed the greatest program for turning boys into men the world has ever known!

But in the case of Phil Robertson, just as with Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A, there was no “disrespect”! Both men simply exercised their 1st Amendment rights and expressed their religious beliefs when asked during their respective interviews!

“He (Jefferson) will never permit the chief magistrate of the union to become a King instead of a president…because he is not a fanatic, nor willing that the Quaker, the Baptist, the Methodist, or any other denominations of Christians, should pay the pastors of other sects; because he does not think the Catholics should be banished for believing in transubstantiation, or a Jew, for believing in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”~ Unknown Republican on Jefferson

The very same anti-Jefferson elites who were leading the country back to big government monarchy during the Adams years are at it again today! Only this time they are more calculated, more entrenched, more powerful, with a far less moral population which seems less inclined to resistance, to bring under their control. The LGTB has become their Gestapo! Gay is no longer a live-and-let-live proposition in America. They are forcing us to renounce God! They are seeking to banish and silence the faithful in every sense at every turn! Of course not all gays agree. There are those who see this wave of punitive PC, utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist” behavior for exactly what it is.

This is a WAR for the very soul of America. The balance of power tips dangerously in their favor from our own indifference and tendency to comforts. God give us the cold splash! If we are not fully awake soon, we will regret opening our eyes later, I promise you! Silence is SURRENDER! God is God and man is NOT! If your neighbor is silent, remind them. If your priest, pastor or rabbi is silent, find another church! If your congressman is silent, find another congressman! And if your grocer peddles poison, then find another grocer! Off the sidelines dear friend, they are the gates to Hell!

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  1. Martin Burnett says:

    That nail’s has been squarely hit!


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