The Hollow Nature of the Monuments Men

Monumental There-less-ness

Monumental There-less-ness

Have you ever stopped to think how many Middle Class shoulders George Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman or Bill Murray have rubbed lately? The reason I ask is because they’ve all teamed up to portray American GI’s in their latest film, The Monuments Men.

Yeah, so?

So, no one has given more and sacrificed more for freedom in this world than the American GI!

Yeah, so your point is…?

My point is that very few people have done as much as these four Hollywood Elites to aid and abet the big-government psychopaths who are destroying everything the American GI fought and died for! Period…although I do feel a slight “Give Bill a break”- tug emanating from my heart!

And the most disturbing and mind-numbing irony of it all is found in the stunning decline of same American Middle Class the oligarchs are destroying…while portraying themselves as its greatest defenders (with the help of the Monuments Men)! There may be no greater shills for the Obama Regime on the planet today than George Clooney and Matt Damon. Seeing them wearing the uniform, I can almost feel what it must be like to be Dylan Farrow watching as her abuser is honored by the same Hollywood Elites!

I have a 2-part bet for any one of my Liberal friends willing to take it:

Part 1 ~ How much would you care to bet that not one of Hollywood’s Monuments Men is aware of the Economic Freedom and World Press Freedom Indices, or the current global ranking of America’s Middle Class at a pathetic #27?

Part 2 ~ If by some miracle they are aware, they will ignore, deny and/or do what they can to cover it up and suppress it! I am dead serious!

This is why I have all I can do to attend a movie with the woman I’ve committed the rest of my life to! You want to hear the absolute funniest funny of all funnies? I get into character in order to do this. I imagine Scorsese in the rumble seat, and I become the Kumbaya bobble-head husband for the night! This strategy has its advantages…trust me! 😉

Talent is the first tool the oligarch reaches for because the masses can’t resist it! Margaret Lambert for Hitler, Mariah Carey for the Gadhafi’s and Jose Eduardos Santos, Dennis Rodman for Kim Jong-un and George Clooney for Obama…the Who’s Who of the evil-enablers baby! What these quick-fix celebs are slow to comprehend in their 30-pieces-of silver-betrayal is, who will come to their shows and buy tickets to their movies when the Middle Class is down for the count?

Guys, I have said this before, but I’ll say it again.  This flagging civilization, which you are right in the heart of, is a giant, hollow scam.  There’s no “there” there.  The people running the world and being hailed as geniuses are almost all utter frauds.  Universities churn out people who are all-but-illiterate.  If you define “literacy” as being able to read street signs, then yes, most of them (but not all) are literate.  If you define literacy properly, meaning a man who is well-read and truly educated and thus able to THINK, and REASON and CREATE, and thus contribute to and grow the culture, then… no.  Sorry.  Intellects are hollow.  Souls are hollow.  Culture is hollow.  Government is hollow.  Economies are hollow.  MEN ARE HOLLOW. ~ Ann Barnhardt

This past Sunday’s Tune-up came to me after reading the Barnhardt Field Manual. I wrote this piece originally titled The Emptiness of Monument Men and stopped right before Ann’s quote above late yesterday afternoon to visit Ann’s site…

Now the voice of doubt within us is so terribly quick to dismiss this as coincidence and chance.

Yeah, so what else could it be then?

Well, that is the point my friend. If there’s no “there” there, then what “is”?

Oh boy, there you go again!

No, you don’t understand…I’m not “there” either!

Now I’m really confused…

…which is exactly where following the Pied Piper of There-less leads us. Straight to the State of Confusion my Huckleberry Friend! Where we razzle-dazzle ourselves straight into the gaping jaws of oblivion…some rich, some poor, but every one of us would be there for sure…

Does this quote from Psalm 106 not describe exactly who and where we are?

They were hungry and thirsty: their soul fainted in them.

I encourage you to read the entire Psalm at the end of Ann’s Hollow Man piece to feel the whisper of “is” in your ear. We can hear it even though we are full of There-less-ness. Imagine the real love in finally giving Sir There-less the boot! 🙂

I wanted to close by recognizing a gentleman outside of ourselves who looking upon our ghost was able to see the residual aura of what once was…Usain Bolt pays respect to the USA!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Hollow Nature of the Monuments Men

  1. ea says:

    I agree with your take on the hypocrisy of these men. But what are actors if not professional fakers? The sad part is that millions of Americans will patronize entertainment that supports those who actively seek to subvert the moral values and freedoms that made this country as great as it once was. We have way too much time (and some too much money) on our hands.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Jon Voight and Mark Walhberg are actors and as such, “professional fakers” as you say. They do honor to the uniform because they subscribe to the values it represents. That was my main point E…

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