The URGENT Distinction Between Yesterday & Tomorrow: Forget the US Stock Market, Our Entire World Is Rigged!

Imagine the hat that holds 7.1 Million rabbits!

Imagine the hat that holds 7.1 Million rabbits!

Think of today’s post as a good news/bad news story. I’ll begin with the bad so I can leave you with the good…

By now almost everyone who pays the slightest amount of attention to the financial markets…you know…that place “Where all the money is!”, as Willie Sutton once said about banks after being asked why he robbed them, has heard about the HFT scandal. Michael Lewis, in his book “Flash Boys”, adds to the ever-growing list of Wall Street/Investment Bank scandals, with his claim that the markets are “rigged”!

You see, at first, I was going to focus today’s post on the miraculous come-from-behind, magical-mystery-tour, 7.1 Million Obamacare rabbits our Magician in Chief was mysteriously able to pull out of his hat! But then, as I’m driving to a meeting this morning, listening to the high-minded socialists on Bloomberg “Surveillance” describing the Russian “Oligarchs” as if we were still functioning as a pristine Republic in accordance with our Constitution and the Rule of Law…I had all I could do to resist driving my car straight into a concrete bridge embankment!

“For the past 6 months they’ve had absolutely no idea of the number and now all of a sudden they have it precise to the decimal point! Oh really? How many have paid? How many were previously uninsured? How many were from the “young and healthy”? ~ Charles Krauthammer

And because I veered away from the bridge embankment in the nick of time, I got to hear how the victims of Hurricane Sandy have become victims of an oligarchy that would make Putin blush! Since October 29, 2012 the American Oligarchs have taken in $3 Billion!! $1.4 Billion of that went to “Build it Back” alone…of which, the storm victims have received a mere $80,000.00! Sounds more like Bilk it Back” to me! Move over Jon “MF Global” Corzine, there’s a new snake(s) in the oligarch pit!

And that, my friends, is just the domestic tip of a dark and entangled global horror story! A story where an evil oligarchic cocktail of our thoroughly corrupted and usurped Federal Government, fueled by an “accommodative” Federal Reserve and post Glass-Steagall Wall Street has “rigged” the entire world! The Fed lights the fuse of the Arab Spring and a cascading chorus of global unrest and political instability by driving up world food prices! …while the Barron Banker Boys I like to call the Merchants of Misery build their mansions of shame! “The world’s wealthiest speculators set up a casino where the chips were the stomachs of hundreds of millions of innocent people.”

And at the end of our Oligarch’s day, “Obama has achieved nothing except building an incredible debt that has financed pure waste. It has consumed capital, but has no capital basis from which to service the debt. In such an unstable environment of high inflation, unsustainable debt and the injection of trillions of dollars, no investment will take place. It is like a hurricane during which all movement is impossible. But this environment is a propitious one for immense speculation and legal plundering, which will see creditors lose their property and their savings.”…while the orchestrator of all this ruinous mayhem drafts his (1%) battle plans to pilfer the wealthy for the crime of being wealthy…

…all of which leads to the URGENT distinction between yesterday and tomorrow! Yesterday I invested in markets where I believed the risk/reward relationship stood on solid ground…where integrity was the rule and fraud the exception. Yesterday I sent my kids to schools where I believed education was the rule and learning the objective. Yesterday I bought health insurance to protect my family. Today I understand that all of these once noble institutions have been hollowed out and transformed on the backs of the many for the exclusive benefit of the dark and twisted elite few…in what amounts to nothing less than dancing with the Devil! 😦

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the good news! A suicide bomber accidentally blew himself up the other day after forgetting to set his watch forward for Daylight Saving Time! 🙂

Bad-da-boom! (I am so joyfully mooning the pc crowd in my mind right now!)

But seriously, the good news is this…the GREAT news is that with each and every passing day more and more of us awaken to the insidious horror behind the masks of Obamacare, Common Core and Global Warming! And as this occurs by degree, it opens our hearts to the long forgotten but familiar face of Truth…which by equal degree restores the vital nutrients of honor, courage and integrity…which by exponential degree sets the oligarch’s knees a knockin’! 🙂 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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