Operation American Spring

“You don’t need 10 bullets to kill a deer!” ~ NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

The fact that the United States Government launched a military assault on an American citizen surrounding his Bunkerville, Nevada ranch culminating in a tense standoff that came within a tortoise breath of the start of a 2nd American Revolution…or counter-revolution as Ann would remind us…without the American President saying a word about it should tell every American all they need to know about who Obama is and what they are up to!

And, as Ann Barnhardt also reminds us, there is nothing new under the sun! In the last Sunday Tune-up I included Garfield’s famous quip about truth making us miserable. Well here’s the perfect example. It seems that Obama has some historical dictatorial company in Mr. “Fireside Chat” himself! Yes, that’s right! FDR ordered his own military assault on the retail giant, Montgomery Ward in 1944. Here they are literally removing Chairman Sewell Avery from office! Well, whadaya know? What I find most remarkable about this incident of “government over-reach” in juxtaposition to the Bunkerville (I keep wanting to say Bunker Hill for some strange reason) incident 70 years later, is the fascinating contrast of image between the photograph above and this one below…

In the Montgomery Ward incident, the government was in complete control. At Bunkerville, it was We the People who took control to diffuse what would have become a bloody gun battle. What did Jefferson say…something about government fearing people rather than the other way around? What has happened here? Why do we get two distinctly polar opposite outcomes to almost identical incidents of government abusing its power? Once you figure out the answer, you completely understand the smile of confidence on Cliven Bundy’s face I had noted in the Dangerous Men piece on Saturday! They are selling America right out from under us…and they are finally being forced to reveal themselves!

You see back in 1944, the vast majority of Americans believed in Uncle Sam the way kids believe in Santa Claus! We wouldn’t believe otherwise even when we saw it happening. Does Sewell Avery or the paper boy in the image above appear the least bit “frightened” to you? Who knew enough to believe any other way? THERE WAS NO INTERNET IN 1944! How many of us even knew this incident ever occurred?

Remember Aesop’s Tortoise and the Hare? I had written that the truth must have been faster than the government’s phony scape-tortoise! That’s because the internet is a Hare with a jetpack! No wonder these same psychopaths want to shift control of the internet!

Cliven Bundy managed to raise a small army of family, neighbors and friends from all over the country in a matter of hours…many of them armed with the same “assault weapons” our Sweet Uncle wants to rid us of…for our own good of course! WE KNOW NOW, what we did not know then! We the People won the Battle of Bunkerville without a single shot being fired! Isn’t it amazing how our “leader” had so much to say about Treyvon Martin and the Washington Redskins, and not one word about any of this?

Patriots conferring with the only real “leader” they’ve ever looked up to!

Oath Keeper Founder, Stewart Rhodes stood with Cliven Bundy. Sheriff Mack stood with Cliven Bundy…

“A Delegation of state legislators, lead by Washington State Representative Matt Shea, along with a  delegation of current serving Sheriffs, lead by Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, and military and police members of Oath Keepers, are converging on the site of a stand-off between federal law enforcement and Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy, to prevent bloodshed and to stand in defense of hardworking rural Americans who are under assault by a runaway federal government.”   

So now what?

Warning– When you start to pull up a weed, be prepared to go all the way!

Before we get to feeling cocky and over-confident about what has just occurred, the views expressed by this gentleman are worth considering. Now step back from the canvas and reflect for a moment on his assessment and all that we have been conditioned to accept as normal over the past 5 years…

Here’s what we know now. We know that behind Obama’s smiling façade lies a brutal regime backed by an even darker force that will never surrender the power it has stolen…which is exactly why we need a monumental paradigm shift!

Enter retired Colonel Harry Riley and Operation American Spring! Now before you allow your mind to shift back into the old paradigm (which it so wants to do), read the last part of Ann’s “nothing new under the sun” about who we are dealing with and how this all ends, and then try to tell yourself you’ve got something more important to do on May 16th!

One thing you’ve got to love about our old military guys…they know how to plan, stage and execute “operations”. And what I love most about the prospect of our “Spring” being successful? It’s got AMERICANS in it and God behind it…and it is the perfect season for a little house-cleaning, is it not? 🙂


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3 Responses to Operation American Spring

  1. Mike S. says:

    I was sitting by my fireplace a few months ago and this issue was center stage. Most people don’t know that accidental deaths from guns ranks 8th in the nation. .07%!! I asked myself why do some people want to take guns away? Do we really need someone to tell us what is best for us or how to run our lives. Imagine if the government said you must wear a bicycle helmet in your car because it will save lives. Don’t laugh to much, you must wear a seatbelt or face a fine. Maybe they have good ideas. Does that mean that anything they say is good for us, should be a law! No, it does not. We are able to care for ourselves. We are capable people who are educated and know how to live free. Our weapons are Our weapons. What are they worried about? We respect the flag and our constitution. We believe in them. SO if you do, you have no worries…right? The government must remember, the public are the people! America=Freedom…

    • Chip Murray says:

      What I love the most about your words Mike, is they are coming from a “certified public safety instructor”! And you are also a guy who has chased down a fire or two in in his day. What I think I hear you saying is that there are some fires that require more than fire extinguishers to put out. Thank God our 2nd Amendment has provided for them!

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