Time… is a bird on the wing.
Life …is a song that we sing.
Love is the light on the side of a shadow…
Here today, gone tomorrow.

I can’t imagine a song I’ve ever written could more accurately depict my view of our world and our inter-relationships with the people in it. I know there are at least two masks each of us wear…one for each other and one for ourselves. It’s getting scarier to take either one off and let the world know who we really are inside.

I want a place where the rain is so pure,
when the sun goes away, I’m not afraid…

I don’t believe I’ve ever sung a better metaphor for true friendship…where both masks are completely unnecessary. Like the clicking tumblers of the heart’s request, you wonder if God himself dreamed you here…

That this world…might stop spinning around.
And that heaven…could be under the ground.
That you might think that I don’t mean a thing…
Like waking up to find you were only a dream.

A friend once said, “Relationship is the pathway to God.” And a shaman of sorts once told me that “Tension is the springboard to God.” And I thought…there really is no better formula on earth better equipped to jar us loose from our selves than this…would you agree?

I thought I was strong, but I can’t lift my hands…
When it all goes away I need you to stand and…

…and this is where it honestly becomes the fire-walk of true courage and faith. When there is literally nothing left to hold onto…what is there?

Help!…Help!…Help me…
To believe, like you did once before.

I am the sum total of my experience. If life is the story we write today, then yesterday is the fertile pallet of oils and pigments that moves the pen to write again, and again, and again.

My boot heels are worn from a long dusty road…
From the lines on my face and the memories they hold.
All the brave young men fall like rain in the spring…
From the lies of our fathers and the wars that they bring.

We mustn’t allow them to separate us…ever!

All the tears in this world fill the valleys below…
to the sky up above; where’s the love?

Because love…is here.

Help!…Help!…Help me…
To believe, like I did once before.


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2 Responses to Help!

  1. Paul Laux says:

    Yes indeed, Chipo! That all men would come to their senses and realize that Jesus gave us the antidote to hopelessness; To love God with all our heart, soul and mind, and, to love each other as we love ourselves. And to love ourselves, we first have to love Him. Only then will the Light of The World eliminate the darkness.

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