Crystal Ball, Oh Crystal Ball…When Will We Stand Him Against the Wall?



“In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful,’’ ~ AWOL Bergdahl’s Father, Robert Bergdahl

Imagine you are a member of the Special Forces team sent into harms way to rescue one Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who had been “captured” by the Taliban. Now imagine that you have sustained a mortal wound in the course of his attempted rescue, and the very last realization you have on this earth is that the man you died trying to rescue had aligned with his captors to give them the coordinates that led to your death!

How is it that we leave a man (Andrew Tahmooressi) who served his country honorably to rot in a Mexican jail while we “negotiate with terrorists” to free the man (Bowe Bergdahl) who dishonorably deserted his post to aid the enemy? AND, in the process of so doing, we release the Islamic equivalent of Hitler’s Goebbels, Gohring, Himmler, Speer and Hess back into the world to pick up where they left off!! This is exactly what has happened!

How much longer can we afford to indulge the portrayal of Obama as a well-intentioned incompetent! How many grieving parents and families of betrayed soldiers must we endure before we realize and prosecute the ultimate source of their betrayal? What kind of Hell must it be to look over your shoulder from the front line to see your Commander in Chief embracing a deserter/traitor’s family in an Islamic Rose Garden Joy-Fest?

I want to say that this should be the wake-up call to end all wake-up calls to every parent out there with sons and daughters serving under this treasonous command! But then I find myself wondering why they haven’t stormed Pennsylvania Ave. with pitchforks after Fast & Furious, the slaughter of Seal Team 6 and Benghazi! Every single American should spend just 5 minutes with these families to finally understand what we are up against! What will be left for him to surrender?

So, America has two sons Mr. President. One who loves his country, and the other who has grown to despise it! To free the one in Mexico is a “no-brainer”…but you chose to “go it alone” and break the law to free the one in Afghanistan instead.

“I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools,” Bergdahl concluded. “I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting.”

Rather curious timing…just after you had visited Afghanistan so you could “be with the troops”. Yes, we all know how much you love our soldiers Mr. President. You know, it’s too bad you wasted all your time building up troop morale when you could have been lining your oligarch pockets instead…poppyYou know, there’s a lot of money in them there Poppy Fields back home Mr. President!

Crystal ball, oh crystal ball…

When will we stand him against the wall?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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5 Responses to Crystal Ball, Oh Crystal Ball…When Will We Stand Him Against the Wall?

  1. Kim says:

    I am so infuriated, I could SCREAM! Will anyone in Congress bring him up on charges? ANYONE?!? He broke the law, (a law that he signed) he was supposed to confer with Congress before taking any action. He negotiated with terrorists!!! Bergdahl may have been colluding with the enemy. He may have given the terrorists vital coordinates which might have Les to our boys being killed. He completely ignores Tahmooressi jailed in Mexico. All he has to do us pick up the phone & talk to the president of Mexico…last time I checked, Mexicans weren’t terrorists. But all this is part of the Alinsky play book…just keep us running, trying to put out all the fires he’s started. Hoping we forget about all you mentioned plus the VA scandal. It’s all part of “fundamentally changing America”! I’d like to see a firing squad poised at the other end of that wall!!!

  2. josiahe says:

    Well said! Traitors in the halls of the ‘lawmakers’, in the White House itself, and operating the printing presses – previously, we were the world’s last, best hope — “Best get off the damn fence, son; you’re a target up there; the end is closing in.”

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