Kill Political Correctness BEFORE it Kills Us!

"A few isolated men in robes sitting around in the desert."

“A few isolated men in robes sitting around in the desert.”

“It is time to take Political Correctness and throw it in the garbage where it belongs!” ~ Brigitte Gabriel…met with a standing ovation!

Five to six years ago when I was still active on Face Book, I was attacked by my “Progressive” friends for speaking out in opposition to the plans to build an Islamic Mosque at Ground Zero. Family members made the unfortunate mistake of calling me a bigot and “Islamaphobe” for exercising common sense in criticizing the plans of a “wonderful and peaceful religion because of a few isolated men in robes sitting around in the desert”.

That’s not why I left Face Book. I left Face Book because it is a moral cesspool that poisons the spirit a thousand ways to Sunday! I have continued to speak out against the political ideology of Islam because A) It is not a religion. It is a political ideology pretending to be a religion. B) How could any “religion” whose devotees have committed over 22,000 terrorist attacks on innocent civilians since 9/11 still qualify as a religion of peace? And, as this article points out, our “few isolated men in robes” have…expanded their horizons!

Curiously, those who attacked me five to six years ago suddenly have nothing to say!

That is the most important thing to know about Political Correctness. It is the tool of choice for moral cowards who have no stomach for debate in the arena of ideas. So they close the arena, control the ideas, silence the debate…and then run like cowards when the excrement of their ideas inevitably hits the fan!

You see, for every one person like me who will not be intimidated by their tactics, there are ten people who would rather sit down and shut up than risk confrontation or being labeled as a hateful person. But what sense does it make to respond to a coward with cowardice? You’ve seen the amazing YouTube of Andrew Breitbart taking on a crowd of union thugs…by himself! This footage of activist Brigitte Gabriel encountering the phony flower of political correctness is a masterpiece jaw-dropping gem for the ages!

As great as Brigitte Gabriel’s performance is, the ultimate impact is missed by us because we are unable to see the Muslim woman’s expression as she is hit with both barrels of uncompromising truth flawlessly delivered. When Breitbart got face-to-face with a dozen union thugs, you could see their faces as they literally froze. When Ben Carson stood in the light of truth at the WH Prayer Breakfast to expose the evil of political correctness with its greatest facilitator and beneficiary sitting right there on camera with nowhere to hide, we could see President Obama actually grow smaller! Fear of political correctness is kind of like the scene in Star Wars when the lethally wounded Lord Vader finally removes his black helmet to reveal a shriveled pale and sickly wraith inside…

So it’s not political correctness per se, but the fear of it that kills. Yes that’s right, fear of PC kills! It kills freedom of expression, which kills ideas, which kills creativity, which kills innovation, which kills prosperity…and so on. So understand that it is not the political correctness that “Progressives” rely on. It is the people’s fear of being seen as politically incorrect they rely on.

The good news is this. Just as Dorothy always held the power to return home to Kansas, we have always held the power to return home from this God-forsaken fantasy land as well. Driving the wooden stake through the Progressive’s heart of power is us clicking our ruby red slippers together three times! How do we accomplish this? By engaging the opposite energy the Progressives used to shackle us with. They rely upon restrictive, suppressive, withdrawing, cautious, and confining to build their fencing. So we simply respond with open, free, engaging, throw-caution-to-the-wind humor to tear it down! 🙂

Imagine the fun you could have with your neighbors playing the Political Correct version of Trivial Pursuit…especially if you have Liberals and Conservatives at the table! Talk about lightening up!! If you happen to be blessed with lots of money, buy the Washington Redskins and change their name to the Washington Oligarchs! Or, buy a Laundromat and put up a big sign that reads “Whites only, Colors run!” Imagine the comical return on your buck from taking out an ad in your local paper that reads, “Straight Couple looking to adopt Gay Baby”. Get your school district to fashion a scholarship program around a “Lampooning Political Correctness Contest”! Or how about getting the insurance companies to offer a viatical settlement to suicide bombers so they get the 72 virgins BEFORE they blow themselves up!!? Think of the lives that would save!

There you see? Open, free, engaging…Imagine the fun we could have without their stupid fences!! Welcome home…



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2 Responses to Kill Political Correctness BEFORE it Kills Us!

  1. Mike says:

    PC, how did 2 letters cause such stupidity? At my job I am told by our bosses that our job makeup must reflect the population we work for. What the Hell has good work got to do with our racial makeup? But PC says, this is” fair”. So lower standards to give a job to someone who is not as qualified as someone else, just because they look like the people in a given area. How utterly foolish is this? Well, PC in this respect or in spoken words are quite the same. If someone is considered legally blind there’s no problem. You can even say the words. It’s OK. But, if that person is denied a job do to there handicap, you are considered prejudice. PC comes 1st! Try this. How is this administration going to handle birth control fees if a Muslim business refuses, based on their religious beliefs to pay. PC, will have it’s limits. If something is wrong, and you know why and have the facts, then just say so. We are free to speak our mind. Atty. General Holder called me a coward when he took office. Remember, white people do not know how to deal with black people. No PC there, but I guess it was OK for him to not be PC. The truth there is that he is a racist and a coward to all Americans, especially me. Truth is not old fashion, as some try to make us believe. Right is right now, 50 yrs ago and 50 yrs from now. Stand up for our rights and our country before the socialist take complete charge and destroy our country. Do not doubt this, people doubted Hitler true intentions before WWII ! We all know how that went.. PC covers up foolishness and common sense that must be stated plainly and often. Stop it whenever you can. Remember, sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will Never hurt me. How’s that for PC?? Stay Strong America…

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