America & Israel…It’s ALL About Freedom!

Sovereign-eating Bacteria

Sovereign-eating Bacteria

The way I see the world has changed since I became aware of Agenda 21.  So when I saw news reports of missiles being found in UN schools, I became suspicious.  I became even more so when I learned of the masses of tunnels and the plot for an overwhelming Hamas/terrorist invasion of Israel, especially when juxtaposed with what is known about the UN referring to post-2015 goals.  Obviously this means that the world is to look significantly different post 2015.  This is also true of the invasion of illegal aliens into our own country.  Seems to me that the UN is trying to take down the two greatest forces for freedom in the world, the US and Israel this year. ~ Leejusto (emphasis mine)

One of the most important lessons we learn on the journey of life from childhood to adulthood is the difference between friends and true friends. The fickleness of youth gives way to the conviction of experience and wisdom. Freedom has many friends in the world, but she only has two true friends who have stood the test of time…and will continue to do so until the end of time. America and Israel, in addition to their cultural contributions have done more to promote, protect and defend the basic freedoms, rights and dignities of more people in the world than all the other nations combined.

On the other hand, we have this…“thing”, which isn’t a country, or a state, or a government, or a corporation, called the U.N. (United Nations) which, like most of our kids, was kind of cute when it was born (1945); but has since morphed into a John Carpenter nightmare…living under our roof…accountable to no one! When I was young and naïve enough, the idea of having an international Daddy Warbucks we could all rely on to make sure all the boys and girls played nice together made pretty good sense to me. And they used such nice words to describe their intentions, like human rights, social- justice, harmonizing, universal peace, sustainability and self determination. What’s not to like?

But you know, now that I’m a little older and wiser, I think they used those nice words to get us to drop our guards and accept the “Learning to Live Together” promise of Multiculturalism…which is more like a flesh-eating bacteria that destroys national sovereigns from the inside out…just as the earth-saving goal of “Sustainability” masks a global Agenda 21 surrender of local governance and control to a New World Order. And on top of everything, you turn on the news, read the headlines, look out your windows and realize that according to their own Charter; Chapter 1, Article 1…they’re a complete and utter failure! And they’re a complete and utter failure because their existence has been a diabolical ruse from day one!

So why on earth would any self-respecting sovereign cede the 2nd Amendment rights of its citizens, and surrender their rights to the seas to a Small Arms Treaty and Law of the Seas Treaty drafted by an utter failure of a “thing”? Answer– Only a sovereign that has allowed the serpent into the wheelhouse…in which case it is no longer self-respecting! Where are the two weakest links in the American chain right now? Answer– Our southern borders and the City of Detroit. Where is the UN looking to insert itself? You guessed it…our southern borders and the City of Detroit!

It will be one the greatest ironies of our lifetime. That one of the two shining cities on the hill dropped her guard in order to “learn to live together”, only to find herself and the rest of the world more divided than at any time in recorded history. And yet, these two cities; America and Israel, are all that’s left to stand between the light of Freedom and the dark forces of Tyranny. Leejusto couldn’t have been more right!

To all the people of the world living under the shadow of the coming storm, I simply say;

What about you, what about me…what about Freedom? (Listen Here)


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  1. Martin Burnett says:

    This os the ominous cloud on our horizon. Very heavy feeling in chest reading this.


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