ISIS ~ When “Muslim Sympathies” Become Treason!

President Obama’s left-leaning political ideology combined with sympathies for Islam acquired from being raised by a Muslim stepfather paralyze him as he faces the threat posed by the Islamic jihadist group ISIS, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay told WND in an interview…“In defending America against radical Islamic terrorism, Barack Obama cannot be trusted,” Delay said.

The parents, families, neighbors and friends of our brave servicemen and women who have fallen in combat, and those who continue the fight while hopelessly subdued by their own Commander in Chief’s “paralysis”, feckless ideology and suicidal rules of engagement, are on the precipice of a very powerful volcanic eruption!

The Obama Administration’s characterization of Major Hasan’s 2010 “Allahu Akbar” Ft. Hood massacre as “Workplace Violence” should have told us all then what most of us fear now! Not only did we sit in silence then…two years later we allowed the same administration to sacrifice more brave Americans in Benghazi to arm those who would become ISIS while fabricating a video alibi to appease and provide cover for the same enemy! I believe the pressure is building; accumulating in a dike-like body beneath the caldera…otherwise known as the White House!

It is the same enemy from Kenya, to Nigeria…from Pakistan to Afghanistan…from Paris to Belgium to London to Fort Hood. From slaughtered shoppers, butchered and kidnapped students, rising European anti-Semitism and random executions to the savage UK beheadings in broad daylight of Lee Rigby in 2013 and 82-year-old Palmira Silva…in the private sanctuary of her own garden…day before yesterday.

It befuddles the mind to see the same Prime Minister Cameron put on the courageous façade to challenge the savage wolves in front of the camera…while in effect applying PC meat tenderizer to the fattened and defenseless British Citizens behind the scenes! The parents of the little girls in the UK, who were arrested for trying to save them from the very same enemy that took the life of Billy and Karen Vaughn’s only son, are now linked in spirit to very same community of world-wide molten outrage forming beneath the surface of the governing elite entrenchment from Washington to London…where they are all hiding behind the same mask of leadership as they cower in silence while Christian Pastors are condemned to death for “Spreading Corruption on Earth”…trembling in fear of offending the enemy who is killing us! What’s an ounce of insult on a ton of torture, rape and murder anyway?

Befuddlement has a way of clarifying itself before a little hard scrutiny. Like for instance; befuddling “paralysis” becomes less mysterious when you do a little poking into who we have “infiltrating agencies of the US Government”, as well as the US State Department, and double-WOW-burgers…what have we here? They’ve actually infiltrated the top chair at the top desk in the top office of the Central Intelligence Agency…of the United States of America!

Now I am left with only one question. When the time comes, how does a good Muslim choose loyalty to his country before loyalty to Allah? How does befuddlement not become betrayal? How do “Muslim sympathies” not evolve to aiding and abetting and downright treason? Avenging minds want to know…as my favorite former Democrat chimes in! (Thanks to Russell B!)

There are people in Washington who are in torment at this very moment over the rapidly changing sequence of events that seem completely out of control. They need to come clean…they want to come clean! I would suggest they do so in a hurry…before the ground beneath their feet finally explodes, sending the inevitable pent-up angry lava tongues of fire and ash to settle all accounts!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to ISIS ~ When “Muslim Sympathies” Become Treason!

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  2. Mike says:

    To say we must work with Islam and all their followers is just a mistake. As you point out their religion trumps national pride. It is more of a cult then a religion. It is sad to say but true. Look at France or England. Muslims do not become citizens they colonize. Need we say more about their intent. All the liberals and the wanna be cool people will be the first to suffer the reality the change Muslim radicals want for the US. It is foolish to think we are exempt from anything like this happening here. As for Christians, we are under assault from many sides. Maybe God just wants others to be this forgiving. The problem is, it is seen as weakness. At some point soon we will have to change how we do things. America is a Christian nation and we have more power than they think. They will never change, so we must protect what is ours. God is Great! In English, as in Arabic, it has the same meaning. Maybe they should realize that!!

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