The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ September 28, 2014

Honor, Courage and Integrity!

Honor, Courage and Integrity!

Yesterday I wrote about how political correctness (and the Press) has blinded us to our physical danger. I offered the PC antidote a la Geller, Gabriel and Wood. Today I’d like to share what I’ll call a Michael Voris Vortex Vitamin for the soul. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

The Spiritual War

Generally speaking, we have been so mortally wounded and poisoned as a society, we have been conditioned to think of all the chaos, carnage and killing as war on a physical level…about physical suffering; loss of life and property only…as if it is all we have to lose. Precious few of us see the Spiritual War which is a tragic shame because our physical wars are only the symptom of what is happening on the most important battlefield of all. For ALL the marbles…if you catch my drift!

For us not to be engaged here is a little like trying to fight illness as doctors in the 16th century unaware of the unseen germs attacking their patients. To focus on our physical attachments for fear of losing them or even the threat and worry over physical harm is of little value without attention to the source of the fire behind it all.

The true enemy isn’t really after our wealth, our properties…our “stuff”, although he sure knows how to use those who are! No, the real enemy seeks the treasure we’ve all buried and forgotten. I pray on my knees each and every morning for God to give me the strength to live every moment of that day with honor, courage and integrity…because these Dear Friend are the three most dependable guardians of the Soul. I beg you to join me…



September 24, 2014

Hello, everyone, and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and

exposed. I’m Michael Voris.

We entertained a splendid guest here at the studios recently. When he left, he sent an

email to us well worth noting.


Thank you again for everything. And please thank all of your people at Church Militant for all of their attentions. Thank them for their fidelity to our Lord, and for their willingness to endure the hardships of battle. Tell them, though, that they do not yet know what battle is. The enemies of God are daily growing stronger and more violent; the demons in the skies are blacking out the sun. Soon, some of those fighting at our sides, whom we thought to be rocks, will lose faith . . .and fall. We will look for help from heaven, and it will not come. . . Soon the Church will be stripped of Her garments, of Her beauties born of centuries of love and sanctity. We will cry when we look upon Her, we will cringe when we hear Her speak or sing, and we will live with our tears every day. Then we will see Her bleeding from many wounds, and we, frantic and despairing of stopping the flow, will weep, inconsolable. And She will shudder and fall silent and still. Then, gasping, She will slowly lift Her Head, and look at us, piercing the soul of our souls, and say . . .“Behold thy Mother!”

Then, at last, the Terrible Moment will come: She will let out the last cry ever to be heard; a cry that will shake the universe to its core, and obliterate all things:

 “My God! … My God! . . . Why have You abandoned Me!?”

Will our faith, my friends, be capable of bearing all of this!? It must be! The grace for it is being poured out even now. If we desire it to the exclusion of all else, it is ours! All the promises of the Gospel are true. There will be no blackness capable of undoing it, no darkness capable of unsaying the Word already spoken! Do not ever doubt it! Persevere in patience, knowing what you know, which is God made Man!

My poor prayers and sacrifices will be for all of you; not only for your apostolate, but for the holiness of each of you. Please pray for me as well, when you can. Soon I will be a hermit hidden away in the desert. From there, I will do what I can for the good of your souls and your holy work.

Sincerely yours in our Lord Christ,

. . .

Never doubt my fellow Catholics, never doubt. Not a single thing happening in all the

madness is happening without Our Blessed Lord’s permitting it—and he never permits

evil for its own sake, but for something greater to emerge from it.

The evil, so manifest and present in so many ways in the Church today, will not always

be here.

Just as is the case with a horribly violent storm with clouds of blackness and furious

winds, always remember that above that storm, there is the sun, shining brightly, casting

its rays on the clouds from the perspective we cannot see from down below.

We fight because we must, but we don’t fight in vain. Stay faithful and pray for the grace

of final perseverance. The Son will shine on you again.

These are exciting times to be alive, to be called to battle for the glory of Holy Mother

Church. You may grow tired from time to time, but never grow discouraged.

God is eternal. And we are destined to be with Him. Realize your destiny.

GOD Love You,

I’m Michael Voris

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ September 28, 2014

  1. Mike says:

    I believe that the Lord our God will save us. So He puts the sword of justice into our hands to punish the wicked. Yep, I do have faith and believe He will save us. Stand tall.

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