A Conservative-Progressive Alliance?

"It's not enough to just show up." ~ Rand Paul

“It’s not enough to just show up.” ~ Rand Paul

By most accounts, today will be a very, very good day for Republicans across the country. Before any of us get into chest-pounding mode, it might be useful to step back and ponder what has just occurred…

There isn’t a single American I know, regardless of political stripe and affiliation, who likes being told what they can and cannot do. It’s in our DNA! Some like to tell others what to do, and it appears they may have paid a heavy price for that transgression. But where do we go from here? Regardless of today’s results, what will changing a few faces locally, regionally, or in Washington accomplish for Americans if the underlying “Potomac Two-Step” paradigm remains unchanged? Can America survive as a free republic if we remain divided and disenfranchised from the very power endowed to us by our Creator and guaranteed us by our own Constitution?

I can’t imagine Progressives being any less angry than Conservatives with politicians in Washington who enrich themselves on the backs of the electorate and then toss a few crumbs to their base…as if they’re feeding pigeons. I know there’s a better way!

What if Conservatives and Progressives were to find a “Middle Way” (if I may borrow from Buddha) that would unite us by establishing and strengthening our common interests as the rule and respecting our differences as the exception…requiring neither to compromise principle? Now before you dismiss me as having lost my mind, allow me to suggest that continuing on our present course is the greater insanity! A friend in the Liberty Movement, Earl, sent me this “Common Sense Issues” flyer from a Dr. Scott Lively who’s running for Governor of Massachusetts. I forwarded it to a diverse circle of my friends. Here’s some of what they had to say…

  • A glimpse of sanity in a world seemingly awash in madness…or at least what MSM reports to ensure pervasive fear and mind control (amongst those who don’t look anywhere else for their “news”.) ~ DG, Spiritualist, writer
  • Sounds good in theory, but I don’t think it will work in practice. I don’t know many, if any, Progressives who will bend on pro-choice or same-sex marriage issues. And most of the Republicans or Tea Party folks that I talk to are pretty keen on letting businesses moderate themselves… ~ S, Editor
  • I applaud anyone who can set aside political agenda for a common sense and common cause merging of freedoms. I do, however, take pause in some of the rhetoric with the taxation of GMO food. While I’m totally on board with the organic movement I’d rather see the repeal of the Monsanto protection Act. Is not the taxation of GMO a result of picking sides? ~ D, Trader
  • He’s in la la land. True Conservatives don’t defend “predatory” corporations. And the Progressives must do far more than just stop pushing gay marriage and abortion. This guy has a child’s view of the reality of this dichotomy. If guys like him would pay attention they will find that the Progressives do more to further the most vile and corrupt sectors of those “predatory” corporations. ~ M, Commercial Pilot
  • I like the idea and think it is worth developing.  For this to work, each has to value what the other brings to the table.  Trick is in defining the common ground and in getting people to move past preconceived notions and political biases.   (Remember, regardless of superficial agreements on ‘natural versus artificial,’ progressives are taught that conservatives are racist, bigoted and evil… its part of their DNA) That requires breaking down barriers and opening minds to new information. That is easier to do when everyone is upset.  But, once the immediate upset passes, folks go back to their old battle lines. ~ J, Community Planner 

What do you think? S may be right, but if she is it would mean civil war regardless of today’s election results. Are any of us prepared for that? Most of us have only read about wars…and most of them have always been in far-away places.

One thing seems certain to me. If something like this were to work, it would be up to us to make that happen. Washington has failed us, and the resulting decay and corruption is seeping its way into our states, counties, towns and villages. Please feel free to comment, keep the faith, don’t forget to vote, and remember…we are better than this!


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1 Response to A Conservative-Progressive Alliance?

  1. S here, updating and clarifying my position. There are some issues on which neither side will bend; however, there are other issues where I think we can meet each other in the middle. Bill Clinton did that for a lot of people with the budget as well as welfare reform. Clinton was a real back slapper (trust me, I can say a lot of bad things about him, but this was an attribute because he liked to schmooze after hours with people on the other side. So did Reagan. That put both of them in a much better negotiating position than Obama, who refuses to schmooze or to flex.)

    I read a quote a long time ago. I can’t remember the author but it goes something like this: that which does not bend will break. That’s the way I view the current Congress. We do look poised for the Republicans to take the Senate and if that happens, both sides need to bend and not just to kick each other in the behind!

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