“Forfeiture Laws”, “Bail-ins” & “Digital Learning” in Our Xmas Stockings?

What's in YOUR Stocking?

What’s in YOUR Stocking?

“I was wondering if you were following the OC Legislature deliberations regarding the Asset Forfeiture Law proposed by the District Attorney. In a quick summation the DA proposed a County law which would be a companion to the State law, which only deals with felonies, to misdemeanors. The OC draft law has been modified numerous times to limit the law to only apply to drug offense misdemeanors and to establish a sunset provision. One argument raised by a Republican was that the law would be contrary to the Fourth Amendment which was to keep the citizenry safe from unreasonable seizures. In support I’ve heard that the law is tough on crime and that the County would be the recipient of the assets seized.” ~ B

“I was just wondering if you had heard about this ongoing battle with the Feds about confiscation of American Citizen’s bank accounts!? It sounds totally illegal.” ~ J

“A parent group in Pennsylvania is demanding a moratorium on data collection in schools because they have discovered documents that reveal a state and national collusion to create a dossier on every child in Pennsylvania to track them womb to workplace for the purpose of fitting them into a planned economy. The Department of Labor is in on it. I am speaking with the people who did this in Penn. and working on gathering the pertinent documents for New York. I need a group to call for this moratorium. I will be the lead but I need a group of concerned citizens, parents, grandparents (Grandma?) who will be part of this action. Who’s in and under what group name? Please read this article and respond.” ~ D

Dear Reader…

Please stop a minute to ponder these three separate communications sent to me by three separate and unrelated fellow Americans on this Thanksgiving weekend! Three separate messages sent while our digestive systems are still processing the celebratory feast of gratitude for the divine hand of providence that has uniquely blessed us among nations. Most of us are aware of the chemical tryptophan in turkey meat that causes “drowsiness”, but considering our present circumstance I’m wondering if the longer term effect is more coma-like. These things are happening…in America…land of the free…home of the…unconscious?

B is a County Legislator who is looking to get “a read”…you know… get the “pulse” of his fellow unconscious citizens  constituents before the final vote on December 4th. Don’t look now, but it would appear that the Constitution-eating virus that has transformed the Federal Government into our worst nightmare seems now to have infected our local government as well! As the fish rots…

I can’t be certain, but J appears to be describing “Bail-ins”, a wonderful new feature that banks will be offering their unconscious customers already snoozing from what seems an eternity of zzzzzzzero interest rates. It’s worked wonders in Cyprus!

But D’s message hit me hardest of all. Nothing sheds light on the insidious evil more clearly than what this Orwellian “womb-to-work” build-out-analysis reveals!

“We demand a moratorium on the collection of data because of contracts that have been discovered and are signed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to disclose personally identifiable information, which is personal data on the students and his/her family, without the parent’s knowledge or consent. This includes information on every student’s personality, attitudes, values, beliefs, and disposition, a psychological profile, called Interpersonal Skills Standards and Anchors. This data has been illegally obtained through deceptive means without the parents’ knowledge or consent through screening, evaluations, testing, and surveys. These illegal methods of information gathering were actually fraudulently called ‘academic standards’ on the Department of Education website portal.” ~ Parents Against Common Core and Pennsylvanians Restoring Education

“Clearly this data-collection system has utilized education funds to set up a national system of surveillance and interventions on our students that is structured from the federal level down into each classroom,” she said. “Huge amounts of our taxpayer money have been used to fund this system of surveillance creating a dossier on each student and their family for the purpose of creating the worker desired by big business and enforced by the arbitrary, authoritative state.” ~ Anita Hoge

This is a great 2 minute “Digital Learning” drill by Jane Robbins! Thanks Mert!

The evil that is gathering strength and gaining momentum is sort of, kind of exactly like the Aliens in the first sequel following the original blockbuster. Ripley and company believe they’ve sealed the doors and secured the room only to realize after it’s too late that they’re already over top of them having come in through the drop-ceiling air system shafts! At least they were aware of the evil coming for them…

Most of our friends and families are so fully immersed in the bread and circus wonder world of latest smart phone apps and games, everything outside the field of their smartphone screen unconnected to a paycheck ends up in the bin labeled “Real World Drudgery”.

Sadly, not everyone’s passivity in the face of these threats is due to lack of awareness. One of our Thanksgiving weekend house guests made the comment, “I don’t believe any of us can make a difference.” She and I have had previous discussions which reveal her awareness of the flagrant abuses of the NSA and worse…her willingness to accept them as a foregone conclusion. I told her about the “asset forfeiture law” up for a final vote here in Orange County this Thursday. Her response, “You live for this stuff!” I could hardly believe my ears, “How do any of us not live for this stuff?  How is it possible to wallow in the richness and quality of the lives we’ve lived because of the stewardship of those who came before us, and then turn around and leave this Orwellian nightmare to the next generation? Who does that??” She didn’t want to hear it…

And then there’s my Course in Miracles friend whose response to these things makes me wonder if it wasn’t really a Course in Pretending None of This Is Really Happening! She responds with this“Today we are mentally preparing for tomorrow. The thoughts we think, the words we speak, the beliefs we accept, shape our tomorrows.” – Louise Hay

…I want to scream “Tell that to the thieves that are stealing your tomorrows…and your children’s tomorrows, and their children’s tomorrows!! Hay’s words are mindless meringue…lots of sweetness and zero substance leading nowhere!” Actually, that may be harsher than I intended. The truth is that these words reflect a wonderful sentiment that I would encourage my fellow man to apply on a personal level…inside. But to dismiss the outside world by applying them exclusively is not only fantasy; it is music to the tyrant’s ear! Who do you think will keep Anita Hoge’s “Authoritative State” up at night; the Parents Against Common Core and Pennsylvanians Restoring Education, or the Mental- Prepping Louise Hay Brigade?  🙂

“We are what we think” concepts applied personally as tools for self-improvement can easily lead us to delusion in the real world for one very simple reason…they enable us to avoid conflict. It’s much, much easier to be nice…to get along…its all good don’t you know. And if these new-age wavy-gravy thoughts, words and beliefs were so good at shaping tomorrows, how in the world did this tomorrow get here today?

“America used to educate its children and let them create their own world. Now, we are creating their world and forcing them to live in it.”

If this is their tomorrow, maybe it’s time to just “Walk Away Renee”?


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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