The Beast by Name ~ “Client-State, Rampant Corporatism & Career Political Class”

Nigel Farage "Calling Out The Beast"!

Nigel Farage “Calling Out The Beast”!

I’m sure it would answer to the name Globalism as well. But as Shakespeare famously penned for the lips of Juliet, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Globalism…Beast…evil is evil, no matter how we dress it up!

I took the quote in the headline above from this article in Breitbart breaking the news that the outspoken head of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, will speak at CPAC this month. This was his description of the enemy I call “The Beast” threatening every last freedom-loving one of us!

Who would you suppose is more powerful, the President of the United States or Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein…or George Soros? The Puppet or the Multi-National Mega-Banksters…hmmm…tough one!

The endless parade of today’s disturbing headlines suggests to me there is something well beyond Obama afoot here. What is behind the reluctance to call an obvious enemy by name? How can the same White House rush to identify three “Muslim students” and attach a religious motivation narrative to their killings, withhold the religious identity of Jews slaughtered in a kosher deli and the 21 Christians beheaded by referring to them as “random victims” and “Egyptian citizens”? This is intentional subterfuge…by design! To some of us, nothing has smelled right since Obama took office. This same red-flag fragrance was picked up by even more discerning sniffers after the so-called Arab Spring and Benghazi disaster, the subsequent Obamacare mess, and the IRS, VA, NSA and AP Scandals.

Every single one of these debacles lacks one very crucial element that has gone missing from the office of the man in charge…accountability.  In every instance it comes down to one of three things: You and I don’t understand their metrics for success and failure, someone else is to blame, or the surprised president line “I’m finding out about this now, just like you.”

Stop and think…a virtual scandal epidemic and fever of unaccountability plaguing the administration of the most poorly vetted President in American History. Such Mysterious & Questionable Character does not ascend to the most powerful office in the land without something far more mysterious and questionable behind the scenes working the system to deceive us all!

Ouch…that last one actually hurt my fingers to type! But since I never attended college I’m still able to put 3 + 3 together to come up with 6! In the case of the Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation $1-5 Million contributors, I’ve come up with 6 answers to the ISIS Red Carpet question:

Saudi Arabia




Sultanate of Oman

United Arab Emirates

Now as you double-check my math and ponder my answers, I’d like you to watch this entertaining clip of a man who, like Churchill, has grown quite accustomed to standing up to the Beast! Nigel Farage

I will leave you with a quote from an American Citizen who happens to be in a position of some local as well as regional influence. She has the power at this very moment to determine what information is conveyed to the general public on the essential questions shaping their relationship to government for the years to come…

“We can add it but I’d like it to be more centric like are we losing control? Is that a bad thing? I don’t want to be leading in this conversation. Losing control is a plus in the mind of someone like John Smith and others who I think may be attending this meeting.” 

In other words…not only is she is a local decision-maker who hasn’t met the Beast. She’s a local decision-maker who doesn’t believe there is one!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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