Corporatism or Us?

Right back where we started!

Right back where we started!

“In 2008, after Lehman Brothers fell and the financial crisis and global recession began, the conventional wisdom was that we were entering an era in which government would take back power from business. In fact, just the opposite has happened.” ~ Rana Foroohar, “Are Companies More Powerful Than Countries?” …written in 2012!

I used to think Communism was the worst and most evil of all the isms. But after observing the evolution of things as they cascade into recent events, I am fairly certain that Corporatism has claimed that title, and the reason is both simple and irrefutable. The expressed ideal of Communism “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” has a far greater humanitarian appeal than the “bottom line” aim of Capitalism…on paper. And if it weren’t for something called human nature, Communism would win the day hands down. But the sand that causes the Communist engine to eventually seize up and fail wherever it is tried, turns out to be the rocket fuel that thrusts the rocket engines of Capitalism to new heights! And just as mankind was getting set to place the jewel-encrusted crown atop Capitalism’s glowing dome, the beaming King sired the Darker Prince of Corporatism…

His strength is unsurpassed, his thirst is unquenchable, his hunger is voraciously boundless…and it has no heart! He destroys the strongest among us and bends the weakest to his will. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Popes and Kings are all his errand boys, and the rest of us are mostly oblivious Trumans, producing, directing and starring in our self-delusional Truman Shows. 😦

This lyric from a song I wrote keeps looping in my head, Everything I’ve loved is gone…it wasn’t the LGBT militants that brought the Boy Scouts of America to their knees, it was Corporatism! It wasn’t the Community Organizer who turned our borders into Freeways, it was Corporatism! It wasn’t the GOP who stymied the promise to repeal Obamacare, it was Corporatism! And it’s not the GOP who drove Obama to betray his Liberal Base and the Middle Class Americans he’s always “fighting for” on Foreign Trade…under a total shroud of secrecy, it is the Dark Prince of Corporatism!

Even our Tea Party Star Ted Cruz is literally in bed with darkest of them all, Goldman Sachs (nicknamed the Squid because its tentacles are everywhere)! How many Squid tentacles reached into key Obama Administration positions since 2008? His wife Heidi is a “Managing Director” for the Squid…currently on paid leave to help give Senator Squid Spouse a shot at becoming President Squid Spouse!

Obama, Janet Yellen, and Jamie Dimon walk into a bar. No, it’s not a joke! These are two pawns and the Prince! I don’t have to tell you which one owns the room! This is where it gets very tricky indeed for the Huckster in Chief. The substantial segment of his fawning base that didn’t sign up for this is beginning to see through him…finally. But by the time enough of them realize what those of us in the Liberty Movement have been warning against for the past 6 years we will all be “fish in their barrel”, will we not?

Perhaps by then enough of us will realize and awaken to the one force in all the world capable of defeating the greatest Tyrant the world has ever known…the Statist and the Corporatist are one, pawn & master!

“In summary, we must recognize that as the State becomes more tyrannical and non-Christian in its social and political policies, conflicts between church and State will multiply. That conflict may make it necessary for Christians to say no to statist laws that will force them to violate the laws of God.”

And you thought this would be any other day! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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