What Just Happened?

The Splash We Needed?

The Splash We Needed?

No wonder this draft is secret. And there’s nothing “transparent” about it; it’s an undisguised hold-up of national healthcare authorities by Big Pharma…The bottom line is that these three mega-deals – TTP, TTIP and TISA – are the ultimate template of what could be politely described as global corporate governance, a Bilderberg wet dream. The losers: nation-states, and the very concept of Western democracy. The winners: mega-corporations. ~ Wikileaks

Nancy Pelosi saved America? My right hand just arbitrarily shot me the you-know-what you salute for typing the words! God bless me, I’d rather imagine it was grass-root Americans burning up the Congressional switchboards and servers with their “NO Fast-Track” calls and emails, but had she not turned in the home stretch, inches before the tape, we were Bilderberg toast!

I have to say, it all caught me a little by surprise. The idea that there could be such a devastating break in the ranks of what I have come to see as the same team of oligarchs operating behind the illusion of a two-party system, has my political GPS recalibrating. It’s almost as if the Democrats finally woke up to who Obama really is, while Republicans are waking up to the “establishment nightmare” in their own party! If that’s truly the case, they are all exposed now.

It’s impossible to read the Zero Hedge article linked above and not see Team 44 as the greatest bunch of bungling fools to ever occupy the White House. If there could only be one word to describe the calamitous wake they are carving into history, it would have to be miscalculation! It would appear the only thing they have been successful at is turning the entire world completely upside down, and at each other’s throats…while their press corps quislings follow dutifully behind like the circus dung-sweepers they’ve become, to airbrush the trail!

I am realizing more and more, that while it is important to stay engaged and informed on the national and international level, it is critical to do so in our own homes, neighborhoods and communities. I have to say, I have been opening myself to this for some time and it has been quite amazing to see where spirit has taken me. Organizing local forums to raise awareness on the issues that swirl around the local versus regional debate; coming up with warm and inviting ways to get neighbors out of their PC shells, mingling, befriending and trusting each other again; strengthening the ties-that-bind through the community of military, law-enforcement and first responders, brought together by the very same oath that has held us together since our founding.

As a society, we have been lulled to the surf by the sweetest sound and smells. We would pay anything to stand barefooted at the water’s edge, held vertical by the softest sea breeze in the salt air, hearing only the laughter of children in perfect harmony with the gulls…it’s as if we’re hypnotized…standing there seeing the 300 foot wave approaching…but the dream is so nice.

Wake up and center my friends…it’s time to bring it home! Join us!

45 seconds that say it ALL: Congressman on TPP

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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  1. John Anthony says:

    Exactly Chip. I could not agree more. I am not trying to promote here, but that is why I do the Shattering America’s Trance workshops all over the country. A dear friend of mine fought hard to win a set as a county commissioner on a board of all Republicans. They might as well have been Obama supporters. My friend was marginalized by the other 5, ( a total of 6 commissioners) ridiculed and given no committees to head. She finally stepped down in tears after 1 1/2 years of fighting them almost fruitlessly on every corrupt deal and practice. She needed informed citizens on her side, but had too few. We need to wake up the people in our neighborhoods!

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