“Protecting the Protectors”

The American Dream?

The American Dream?

Back in the spring, I was part of a group of concerned citizens who called a meeting with Senator Schumer’s office to voice our concerns over the persecution of Christians at home and abroad, and our souring relationship with Israel. We were informed by the senator’s staff that Schumer in Hebrew means “protector”, and assured that the Protector would most definitely respond to our concerns…which he never did. Since then…

  • We have placed our friend and ally Israel, and the rest of the world for that matter, in even greater danger by negotiating a catastrophic nuke deal with the greatest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran.
  • We’ve subjected our Veterans to a “Third World” healthcare disgrace that leaves 34,000 of our greatest heroes languishing in despair.
  • Aaron and Melissa Klein were fined $150,000 forcing them out of business for refusing to violate their religious conscience.
  • 4 marines and a navy man were murdered at military recruitment centers in Chattanooga, TN by an Islamic Jihadist. The Obama Administration has yet to determine the motive.
  • Kate Steinle was shot in the head while walking with her father by an illegal alien who had been deported 5 times, in the “Sanctuary City” of San Francisco!
  • And a medical director and a top doctor at separate Planned Parenthood facilities were caught on video tape describing “less crunchy” techniques of getting “intact” specimens, and “crushing” babies to harvest their organs for profit!

So yesterday I called Senator Schumer’s office to find out his position on the Iran disaster, the persecution of Christians, ordering America’s military to hide in civilian clothes rather than give them the ability to defend themselves, end the travesty of “sanctuary cities” and secure our border, and call for a Federal Investigation of Planned Parenthood. Response: Zero, Zip, NADA from the great PROTECTOR!

It occurs to me that this is not the response from a “representative” in a free republic. It is the response of what many have come to think of as an oligarchy…a government by decree. The people no longer matter because they no longer have a say…only the well-orchestrated appearance of such. The Federal Government’s abuse of the people grows bolder by the day, and I find myself wondering which is growing faster; the government’s abuse or the people’s own loss of self-respect? The average American has now transitioned from accepting wrong to defending it! Like the once bright and shiny symbol of the American dream, the family car, stolen in the night, stripped clean and abandoned on the side of nowhere…

EXCEPT for the presence of two phenomena refusing to accept the Oligarch’s unwritten terms of surrender. Donald Trump and the Oath Keepers! Think for a moment how insanely absurd it is for the Des Moines Register, a longstanding hallmark of American Journalism, to call for the presidential candidate leading the pack in every public opinion poll…to step aside??? At some point even the groggiest of average Americans have to realize…whether it is Trump defending our borders, or Oath Keepers defending our military recruitment centers. You watch the American Veteran in this brief clip, think of Chuck Schumer, and then tell me who the real “Protectors” are! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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5 Responses to “Protecting the Protectors”

  1. mtdburnett says:

    Yep Chip! I hope more and more feel the stifling grip of this faux free gov’t around their throats. Maybe we still yet have a chance to stop this peacefully. If enough show up, maybe Trump can win. If he isn’t shot during the campaign or his first term, perhaps there still remains a sliver of hope.


  2. D says:

    I have been waiting for your blog post on Chuck Schumer and the Iran Nuclear Deal. I knew it was coming. I have been thinking about that Spring meeting with the “protector’s” staff. How many times did his Staff remind us that Chuck is our guy and that his last name’s meaning is protector? He has a chance to prove it. The nation and the world is watching Chuck!

    I am glad to have been at that meeting and believe that God put us there as he has Chuck Schumer for this moment in history. Yesterday, I happened to grab a lunch at a Jewish Deli. I ended up striking up a conversation with a woman and discussing this Iran treaty. I asked her what she thought, She responded, ” how old do you think I am?” I hate when people ask me that so I stuttered my way through that one. She told me she was 93 yrs. old. She pointed to a scar on her arm and told me “this is where she had her number removed.” She had been at Auschwitz. Her three older brothers were murdered there. She stated her number because although you can remove the number you can’t ever forget.

    She told me, that she “sees the truth of the matter today as she saw it then. The world is closing their eyes, ears and mouth she told me. It has done that before.” I cried. This woman whom you are suppose to protect is watching Chuck!

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