The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Nature of Things

It might have been a marvelous night...

It might have been a marvelous night…

People, in increasing numbers, know that something in “the system” isn’t right…that things are terribly wrong. I’ve come to realize that the degree to which we are dependent on the system tends to dictate the degree to which we are silent or vocal about it. Take the law enforcement community for example. Depending on where you live, and whether you’re speaking with a member of the sheriff’s office, state police, or town/village police will determine the candidness of the conversation. Whether your speaking to the high-ranking versus the rank and file will be a factor too. What screams irony to me is that while we are living in a time where trust is the most important ingredient of the police-citizen relationship, the present political climate prohibits their ability to be honest with us. When a state trooper actually told me that the Orlando killer’s professed ideology had nothing to do with the killing, I knew he felt otherwise…just like I believed another high ranking law enforcement official who confessed to us, “There is no free speech.” The objective mind can only conclude, we are living in a time and space that can no longer be thought of as American…

The scariest thing of all to me is how the conversations people have behind the anonymity of the internet compare to the conversations they have with each other face to face. Schizophrenic-multiple personality disorder seems as good a way as any to describe who we have become. But how in the world could the freest people in the history of the world have allowed themselves to devolve into such a state of un-natural disorder? The answer, I believe, lies in the surrender of our own subsidiarity. The essence of American power, as the French historian Alexis de Tocqueville marveled a quarter of a century ago, emanates (or used to) from the smallest units of society. Imagine the contrast to his observant eye, coming from a European caste-culture where power flowed top-down, where church and state were one in the same…with the power to tax the most powerless unit of all. In other words, we by our neglect have allowed those who represent our interests in Washington to sell out our interests over time to the central power of the global elites. Behold the cat who has the trooper’s tongue while dividing and pitting us from and against one another…turning our natural world into something unrecognizable and diabolically un-natural. We know it to be so because we can feel it in our bones. To see it otherwise is the most desperate form of normalcy bias.

I believe there to be an inherent goodness in us all that dooms the globalist scheme to inevitable failure. The ends justify the means…until the means involves the crucifixion of children. I can empathize with the troopers, deputies, cops and firefighters who appear blind to the blaze while needing to feed their own families. There is a concept I learned as an investment advisor years ago that comes to mind in this place. The reason the average stock investor under-performs the indexes and the pros, is that most of them have no sell strategy. They tend to marry what they buy, and fail to let it go when they should. By the time they realize their $100,000 investment is worth $1,000 and isn’t coming back, it’s too late. We can rationalize collecting the paycheck at the expense of doing the right thing up until a certain point. For me that point would have been the moment my job description included denying objective reality and the natural world, and the persecution of good people for refusing to follow the charade. But who am I to judge…

A friend of mine once gave me a note I kept on my mirror that said “Man Learns From The Moon And Stars.” I’ve always loved the wisdom and truth in its meaning. But that was a galaxy far, far away in another time and space. In this world we’ve become too obsessed with the color of skin over content of character, to bother looking up anymore. Our kids have no idea what subsidiarity even is or was, and why they’ll miss it after its gone. Tom Deweese has fought the good fight in an effort to save it, but I digress…

“There is no longer a pretense that any kind of local control over spending the grant money exists. HUD now controls your community. Property rights are dead, property values are dying, and the local officials you elected to guide your community have been rendered irrelevant by HUD mobsters who have come back to collect.” ~ Listen This Time, Or…

The nature of things speaks to inherent truth from the inside out and the bottom up. In the top-down world we no longer teach our children to stand up for what they believe. We tell them what to believe and then model fascism as a virtue by punishing those who don’t.

It’s funny. Here is your government, building block by block, the globalist NWO pyramid. The plan is to lay the capstone in 2030. And I can see it now… “That’s it! They placed the capstone! We’re not gonna take it no more!” Sure you will. You won’t even take a stand against the blocks they have already placed on the pyramid. Because, you are taking the “moral high ground”. And what exactly is the “moral high ground”? Keep obeying the laws of the pyramid, one block at a time?

I have already paid dearly, but it’s not myself I worry about. The loss of US is the greatest most tragic loss of all. And we will not know what we have lost until its gone, or realize the very worst cut of all…that we allowed ourselves to become a casualty in the politics of envy. 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Nature of Things

  1. John Anthony says:

    A harmonic analysis of a cacophonous reality!

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