The New Year’s Sunday Tune-up ~ Truth to Power/ I Am My Father’s Son

"Act, and God will Act." ~ St. Joan of Arc

“Act, and God will Act.” ~ St. Joan of Arc

“An interesting question came up: if a man looks inappropriately at a woman who is not his wife during Ramadan, is it as though he did not fast that day? And if he did not fast, does that mean he must make it up after Ramadan?” ~ Yehuda S. (Co-existence-determined Israeli Jew)

I know Yehuda from my younger more foolish and naïve days with the Middle East peacenik group ALLMEP. To know Yehuda is to love him. Please don’t get me wrong…I am all for peace in the Middle East…just not on the coattails of appeasement and capitulation, and at the expense of Truth. I responded to Yehuda by asking the more interesting question, “What if a man looks inappropriately at a twelve-year-old girl, and then makes her his wife and rapes her?”

What’s particularly more interesting is the fact that this Israeli man spoke these words, and therefore I’m assuming his mind, after the world (UN) with the help of the U.S. declared Israel a trespasser on its own sovereign land. If you’ve ever been to Israel, which I have, you understand it is the only democracy in the Middle East. It is the size of New Jersey. And it is surrounded by theocratic 4th century barbaric cultures so filled with hate they strap bombs to their six-year-old daughters. ALL THEY WANT is to wipe Israel out of existence. What kind of guilt and self-loathing could lead a mind to want to coexist with this?

And, in the very same week, we experienced the very same culture of hate right here in America. You may have read about the Drexel University Professor George Ciccariello-Maher who tweeted, “ALL I WANT for Christmas is White Genocide.” I thought…wow. Six-year-old suicide bombers and white genocide for Christmas. Probably not what Bing had in mind when he made the song White Christmas a hit in 1954. By the way, speaking of the college of hate…uh, er, um…I meant the culture of hate; Fear not! Our kids were fast to act one year ago: College Students Sign “Ban White Christmas” Petition. And this year, the “powers-that-be” at George Washington University have decided to nip the hate-bug in the bud altogether! University Drops U.S. History Requirement — For History Majors!

Is it just me, or is there a very disturbing trend-line connecting the global HATE epidemic to the very places we send our children to learn? Funny I should ask myself that question, BECAUSE…In the very same week of all the events described above, I read a very tragic but revealing “Speak Truth to Power?” written by a young professor serving on the front line in the trenches of Academia. He writes, “Because of recent events at the school where I teach, Providence College, I have come to see that the winning side of the so-called culture wars has no interest in rational or equable conversation about the neuralgic issues of our time. I use the word interest advisedly. They have nothing to gain by it.” He goes on to describe the majority of his academic peers, “Such professors are by nature no better and no worse than anyone else. It’s just that they have, whether they acknowledge it or not, exchanged the God of heaven for a god of prestige and power. Politics is the god.”

Please dear reader, bear with me if you can because I am, literally in fact, bringing this all HOME. That is if your home is within a 50-mile-radius of Newburgh, New York! Yes, this very last week of 2016 was ripe with extremely telling, and well-connected dots. But there is nothing on this earth more diabolical and deadly than the Hate Dot masquerading itself as the Love Dot: Unitarian Universalist and the World Church Service Bring Syrian Refugees to Newburgh!

As I wrote in my unpublished letter-to-the-editor attempt to warn the readers, “Unitarian Universalists and the World Church Service has as much to do with God and love, as Zebras have to do with Eskimos.” In fact, these are political ideologues who have so very much in common with professor Ciccariello-Maher, on top of a concealed anti-American and pro-Globalist agenda!

Well folks, that pretty much covers it. My apologies for this less than warm and toasty view of our world on this the very first day of 2017. But I would never lead and leave you here without providing you the bright and shiny silver lining.

The most empowering words I can say to myself as a man turning away from the years behind him, to look out on the years ahead are, “I am my Father’s son.” Go ahead…you try. And yes the ladies too, for we are all the sons and daughters of mankind. Feel the lift?

Two different TCT readers commenting in this week of all weeks caught my eye. One denies her Father. The other seeks Him. The first (Gail) writes, People are silly to blame this on Vatican II, or “Academia,” or the Land of Lakes document… it’s the whole world. It’s everywhere. It’s everything.” And the second (Mike) writes, “So what’s the solution? How do we fight back?”

You see? The one who denies the Father claims “subjective truth”. The one who seeks the Father realizes the one Truth. Sit with this a moment…read these words again. And then ponder something so exciting and uplifting you may feel yourself lighter. We’ve all been taught from Ecclesiastes, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” Ah, but Dear Friend on this First Sunday of all Sundays there is, you see…

When Peter denied our Lord three times, just as Jesus predicted he would, he was in fact denying out loud that he was his Father’s son. What Spirit is so clearly saying to me at this moment, in this place, at this time…is that Peter, through us is being given a second chance to claim the very inheritance every single one of us came here for in the first place! My initial response to Mike was the proper spiritual one, “Cleave to the Cross, and stand up to the lie when it presents itself.” Accepting this, he knew there was more…he wrote, “I will pray for the grace to do so; but that’s more of a reaction. Is there a way to advance OUR position?” I thought to myself, how often do we wait for God to act, while He waits for us to act? And then I remembered my favorite quote from St. Joan of Arc who famously inspired and reunited her French countrymen with the words, “Act and God will act.” As I told Mike, there is no better, more responsible, or more American action than to join Oath keepers and unite local active/retired military, law enforcement, and first responders to form Community Preparedness Teams (CPT), to help safeguard the properties, welfare and freedoms of their loved ones and the communities they live in.

In Ronald Reagan’s 1982 America, Americans didn’t leave home without their American Express. In Obama’s 2016 America, only an indoctrinated fool would leave home without their Smith & Wesson! As I recommended to Mike, let’s work to keep America the “Land of the Free” and safe for ALL Americans in 2017! And above all, may God continue to Bless America!

“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord” ~ (Revelation 1:8).

Also, make your voice heard in 2017… #DefundtheUN! #EvictTheUN!


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  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    To address this issue we will begin a course on America’s Godly Heritage on Jan 27th to equip our present generation with the knowledge of who we are as Americans “under God.” and how we can be faithful stewards of the gift of liberty for the benefit of our posterity and God’s glory. For more info log onto

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