The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Hear the Watchmen

Truth Be Told

And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. ~ Matthew 16:18

I started to title today’s SMTU “The Road to Hell” earlier in the week. But as the week unfolded I realized the road is old news as we’ve been on it for so long now. We are at the Gates. The devil’s mask and gloves are off. The elite/corporate/deep state/globalists, desperate to hold on to power, are moving like an Olympic synchronized swim team to silence any and all whom they perceive as their greatest threats. Cuomo’s assault on the NRA…the Facebook/Twitter/Youtube “un-personing” of Alex Jones…the “Get Whitey” mania reverberating out of every boombox and across every Leftist airwave from Johannesburg to Berkeley and worse…watching so many great kids we’ve known and loved since they were babies go off to Marxist re-education facilities (formerly known as colleges and universities) never to return! They’ve been replaced by total strangers…Bitter, angry, emasculated soy boys and a gender-confused, pronoun-disoriented new junior league of purple-haired feminists we once called Angel, now lost in the most heartless vapor lock ever conceived, with life and beauty sucked completely out. And, as I realized this week, many if not most have infected their parents with the same virus. This is all top-down, or should I say bottom up?

Oath Keepers provided security for the Hear the Watchmen church conference out in Hauppauge this weekend. I did my shift yesterday and I have to say, hear the watchmen is the perfect name for this evangelical roadshow. The worse thing about the virus I’ve described in the last paragraph, is the devastating and debilitating effect it has on the senses. The Watchmen are the absolute most trusted sentinel there can possibly be, selflessly bound to the Gospel Truth. But they are of little use to those whose hearts will not see, and cannot hear.

I was interviewed by a journalist from Caravan to Midnight yesterday, along with NY Oath Keepers President Dan Devlin. After so many experiences with agenda-driven quacks posing as journalists looking to please their masters with a juicy hit piece, I was pleasantly surprised by this man’s knowledge, integrity and genuine curiosity. It really made for a great open and honest interview. He ended the interview with, “Are we heading into armed conflict with one another…a hot civil war here in America?” Dan answered first by not answering, choosing instead to focus on what Oath Keepers are doing to try and prevent such a conflict from actually occurring. I chose a different tact, “There are two things happening simultaneously. They are trying to intimidate us into staying home and not engaging, effectively relinquishing the public square…while they are deliberately (and desperately) trying to provoke those of us willing to engage into doing something stupid out of anger.” I finished by citing two examples of events where we had engaged prepared to defend ourselves and found opportunity to dialogue, inform, and educate instead. The first was a free speech rally on Boston Commons of all places. The picture at the top of the page is of our “Communications” officer Matt educating a young Antifa after the rally ended peacefully. He straightened the young man’s head out by simply asking him to explain why he was there in the first place. After a few moments of ums and uhs, he realized he really didn’t know. The second was our more recent trip to NYU in OK colors, to protest the NYU Professor who doxxed the names and addresses of over 1,500 ICE agents and their families, and then posted them all as targets onto the world-wide-web. Here again, we went prepared for hostile reception and found the opportunity of young minds starving for truth instead. THIS is why the Southern Poverty Law Center hates and fears Oath Keepers above every other patriot group out there. They use words like armed militia instead of our true purpose to reach, teach, and inspire because they know in the war of words to win hearts and minds, they can never defeat us.

Today is the day I pull the plug on the worst players in a world they are deliberately making crazier. Facebook is no different than drinking water from your cesspool…probably worse actually. Nobody has the power to un-person me. Nobody has the power to destroy my relationship with my Creator. Many have un-friended me. Some of you reading me here on cesspool lane (FB), convinced I have “lost contact with reality”, may be close to pulling the plug on me.

I leave you with something to ponder 2,000 plus years after attempting to kill the greatest Truth the world has ever known, on Calvary. The Pre-Trump annual average of sealed indictments was 2,300. Today it is over 50,000. Guantanamo Bay and a fleet of prison ships are being prepared…for whom do you suppose?  If you were unaware of that, what else do you think you might be missing?


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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