The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Friends on Facebook

What are friends for?

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harms. ~ Proverbs 13:20

A friend (,when you are) in need, is a friend indeed. What are friends for? Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Friends are the family we choose. Friends of (name the politician). And perhaps most appropriate for these times in which we find ourselves; With friends like these, who needs enemies? What does the word friend even mean anymore?

Like so many words today, the word friend doesn’t necessarily mean what it meant years ago…as I am finding out now that I am back on Facebook. In last week’s SMTU I wrote about the steady stream of angry and bitter vitriol flowing from my “friends” on the Left, targeting Brett Kavanaugh, his wife, and their two daughters. I posted my observation as such, which led to my exchange with a life-long-friend, in which she denied being a Liberal while proclaiming her “unequivocal stand with the Left”…all in one day. Disagreement on issues is one thing, but “unequivocally standing with” those who want you dead is something altogether different. In this back-and-forth I explained to her that I loved her but could not call her a friend because “words matter…truth matters.” Her next comments triggered (pardon the expression) today’s SMTU. She said, “Un-friend me then.” To which I replied, “(Friend)…Facebook connection does not constitute actual friendship.” The very next day on her public page she admitted to having been deceptive and confessed her real identity as a “proud Liberal”. I’m guessing she was pressured to do so. After I responded that we needed to be honest with one another, that we’ve become a house divided, and asking her how any American could be proud of any ideology or institution that supports those who mask themselves and attack people with bats and bike locks, or censors, bans, and demonetizes good and decent people simply for expressing their political opinions and beliefs…she “un-friended” me.

This experience has brought me to realize a very important truth. Liberalism has become as antithetical to our Constitutional Republic and our precious American way of life as Communism and Sharia…with one glaring exception. Unlike Communism and Islamism (Sharia), we as “Traditional” Americans are in an abusive relationship with Modern Liberalism because the abuser is always the one with the power. Communism and (Sharia) covet Liberalism’s power, but do not possess it…yet. Liberalism controls most all of our cultural institutions…which is exactly how and why character-assassination, double-standards and hypocrisy have become their standard operating procedure…with ZERO repercussion. Only the most insecure self-loathing people would ever enter into such a relationship, let alone remain in one.

As the Kavanaugh accuser’s credibility is crumbling into the dust, the truth of her crime and the crimes of those who sponsored her are exploding into one of the most catastrophic miscalculations in political history, transforming Bret Kavanaugh from the brink of nomination, to alleged sex demon, to “folk hero”, and the likely dashing of the Democrats Mid-Term hopes. There are more than a few, like myself, who believe the Left will become even more violent when they suffer defeat in the Mid-Terms. David Carlin writes, “All this is terrible. I console myself with the thought that the assassinations have not yet begun. Only character assassinations (witness Brett Kavanaugh). God help us.”

Yesterday was a remarkable day in America. Being back on Facebook provided me with a glimpse of us I would have otherwise missed. There was a little back-and-forth exchange between my more Conservative and Liberal leaning friends as the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh drew to its rightful conclusion. After the many internet high-fives and virtual beer mug toasts, I had a moment of reflection. I decided to message an old Liberal friend who has been quite the dogged antagonist over the past 10 years. In it, I expressed my wish to have my friend back…like we were before…before a third party divided us. And a hope that the America he and I grew up together in, is big enough for both of us. Jefferson and Adams healed a far greater rift than ours to become friends again. Real honest and true friends…to the end.


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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Friends on Facebook

  1. Reblogged this on stepman2001 and commented:
    Well spoken my Friend. No pun intended. The word “Friend” just like gay and marriage, has been perverted and stolen from the dictionary. We have morphed into some surreal society of the hated and the haters. And as you so eloquently stated, the haters are in control. In control of the messaging by controlling the media. We have to stand next to “OUR FRIENDS” to defend “OUR REPUBLIC”.

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