The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ No Regrets

Hell on Earth

“The instabilities we are seeing are a precursor of things to come, and the Parisian cab driver was correct… in order to change an evil, sometimes you have to be willing to risk everything you have.~ Signs of Coming Collapse: Citizens Worldwide Revolt Against Taxation & Illegal Aliens

The image above inspired this week’s SMTU. Just another man in a man-less world literally caught with his pants down in some child-sex-trafficking-pornography scandal…I don’t recall. Honestly, who can keep track of our perversions anymore…sexual, social, church, and state. Its everywhere we turn. Juxtapose the sorry face of regret above with the Parisian cab driver’s quote about risking everything to change evil. The difference? The latter represents the sacrifice of self for good (God), while the former sacrificed good for self.

Years ago, on the path of my own spiritual journey and quest for truth, I studied with a Sufi-Kabbalist healer of sorts who fed the intuitive being my own mother, God rest her soul, had first awakened. While I learned things that strengthened me and healed most all of the emotional wounds I, like so many, suffered in childhood…I now realize the devil’s greatest weapon is his irresistible charm and ability to appear good. Stop and think, who cleans my dentist’s teeth? Who shrinks my shrink and heals my healer? In my Sufi-Kabbalist’s case it was none other than the now infamous Brazilian John of God. My readers already know the name Dawn Eagle Woman. While DEW and others like her may not have sexually abused their followers, they are every bit as guilty of leading the masses away from the God they claim to represent. And, God knows, in the Age of Oprah, these Pied Pipers have done very, very well for themselves. We, on the other hand, are an opiated and alcohol-saturated massive mess of moral misfits flopping about on the deck of the SS Ship of Fools…sailing into the storm of our own creation. Which BEGS the question: If we had the power to create the storm, do we have the power to change our course?

Interestingly, in my humble opinion, it is men being men again that we have to thank for this world-wide-exposure, arrest, and prosecution of pedophiles and sexual predators. As you may recall, Brazil just elected their version of Trump in Bolsonaro. If the fish rots from the head, it makes sense that its revival begins at the head. I am constantly amazed at the amount of time I spend defending the man who is literally saving the world from itself. In the last century, President Reagan, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul ll formed an invincible team to thwart the threat of Communism…in their time. Since then it has only morphed into a much larger and darker corporate-global evil. James Matthew Wilson gives us a fascinating historical perspective on the evolution of the beast here. Unfortunately, Trump is stuck with May and Francis. AND, Reagan had Tip O’neil and Sam Donaldson to work with. Trump is going into 2019 with one of the most un-American House Speakers to ever wield a gavel, and a corps of presidential assassins posing as journalists out to destroy him, and all who support him…US!

Maureen Mullarkey, writer for American Thinker, invoked the powerful memory of On the Waterfront’s Father Corridan in her masterful comparison of an amazing man with his modern shadow in St. Xavier’s Father VerEecke here. This is the juxtaposition in my first paragraph! The story of a man of faith and courage who put his own life on the line to save the lives and the souls of the Irish-Catholic dockworkers in his parish…compared to his modern-day counterpart who betrayed his faith to prey on the lives and souls of those in his parish. Which leads us to the theme of the day…regret. Its hard for me to imagine a more painful word than the word regret. Study the face above and you can read it for yourself. Everyone of us has experienced regret in our lifetimes. Many of us, including myself, have learned from our regrets. But few of us can say we’ve experienced the level of regret in the photo above. If there is hell on earth, it is in this man’s face.

A life lived without regret isn’t really a life lived. But the point I’m making here today is that our fate as Americans is in our own hands. How we live our lives, the actions we take, and the choices we make from this day forward will determine our destiny as a nation. Whether we are to continue as a lost crew on a ship of fools, inmates on a global slave ship, or the nation of free men and women our founders bequeathed us, is totally up to each and everyone of us. I had a very disappointing conversation with a local pro-life Catholic businessman the other day. I knew his father to be a great patriot who stood up for what he believed. His son, on the other hand, did not want to get involved in a key component of planning a public pro-life event. Think of the Parisian cabby’s realization of the need to risk one’s life, compared to this man’s unwillingness to risk the possibility of alienating a customer…to potentially save a life or lives. Imagine this businessman who one day get’s the George Bailey view of lives he didn’t save because he put his own self-interest before the interests of his fellow man and the God he claims to serve. This is on us…from here to eternity. No regrets!

Dedicated with love to Betty Jean Murray-Bertolini ~ November 9, 1927 – December 21, 2018


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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ No Regrets

  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    Yep. Whatever your past was, your future is a blank page to be written by the choices you make in the present. (One of my “One-liners to live by.)

  2. Paul Laux says:

    Happy New Year El Chipo! The Living God gave us free will. What we do with that gift in this life either results in a very observable Hell on Earth, or, the peace and joy Yahweh desires us to live in under His charges, ordinances and commandments. O, that men would “get it”……… paulo

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