The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ God Save the King!

The World of “Unfinished Men”

Who is this coming from Edom,                                                                                  From Bozrah, with his garments stained crimson?                                              Who is this, robed in splendor,                                                                              Striding forward in the greatness of his strength?                                                    “It is I, speaking in righteousness,Mighty to save.” ~ Isaiah 63:1 NIV

The Holocaust was the greatest, most brutal and inhuman atrocity my generation grew up being taught about…being warned about. Six million European Jews, and millions of other social undesirables (by Nazi standards) marched into gas showers and crematoriums after being stripped of their dignity, property and possessions.

Inhuman atrocity has made great strides. 42 million undesirables (by their own mothers) a year now. The most innocent lives of all, stripped of life and in many cases, their blood and organs for profit. And in far too many cases, as we are now beginning to learn, for Satanic ritual.

Think of our world as the one Earthly Kingdom as you read the following passage from John Eldredge’s wonderful book, Fathered by God:

That is what a good king does—he uses all he has to make his kingdom like the kingdom of heaven for the sake of the people who live under his rule…But that is the true test of a king. Simply put, the test is this: What is life like for the people under his authority? Have a look at his wife—is she tired, stressed out, overlooked? What about his children—are they flourishing? How much energy does he spend simply getting his children to behave, versus understanding their hearts and looking for ways to bless them? Talk to the people who work for him…

This past Friday marked the 7th Anniversary of the day they murdered Andrew Breitbart…

“A week before (Andrew Breitbart) died he told me, ‘People are going to say whatever and try to claim whatever to try and take us out. They have an irrational fear of us. They want us on a leash. We’re not going to be on a leash. They want us to dance. We’re not going to dance with them.’ Amen.” ~ James O’Keefe

Are we beginning to see the good king contrasted with those who covet our earthly kingdom? Does a kingdom that defies God and murders babies for their organs sound “like the kingdom of heaven”? Would a good king want his people to be able to defend themselves and their own families, or would he want them disarmed? Because those who murdered Andrew Breitbart, Vince Foster, LaVoy Finicum, Seth Rich, Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith (to name a few), and covet the throne…do…desperately want us disarmed. By the way, these same coveters and idolaters who seek to disarm you are the very same who seek to toxify the masculine nature of the boy, who would become the cowboy, who would grow into the warrior who would act to defend his family, neighbors, and country to begin with! AND…the very same who would turn you away from this very conversation because…it’s “political” don’t you know.

In other words, the throne of the kingdom abdicated by the rightful kings (In America, land of home rule and subsidiarity, that would be you and me), will be ruled by the devil through the weakness of uninitiated and unfinished men.

Bad kings like Saul, Herod, Denethor, Commodus (Gladiator), and Obama with his Alinsky “Rules” bring chaos and division. “A good king brings order to the realm. God brings order out of chaos at the beginning of creation, and then he hands the project over to Adam to rule in the same way.” OOPS. “I remember Dallas Willard saying once that he believes the whole history of God and man recounted in the Bible is the story of God wanting to entrust men with his power, and men not being able to handle it.” But there you have it. There is no getting around the fact that God created us to be like Him, so that we could be with Him forever.

The image of the angel weeping at the cradle struck me very hard, because at the end of the day it is a scene only possible in the realm of unfinished men. The two most important stages of any man who would be king have gone missing in us; warrior and lover. The cowboy who lives for himself fights only for himself…much the same as a lover who loves only for the love-making is really only loving himself. The Eldredge warrior and lover are the ultimate points of transition I call manamorphosis…where a man leaves himself behind to become the man who will one day rule as the Good King. The last President recognized and honored an NFL football player…for being gay. Yesterday at CPAC President Trump recognized Hayden Williams, a UC Berkeley Conservative activist, for standing up to a very big Trump-hating bully. Which President was/is the Good King? The last President sells a book to promote himself. President Trump sells a WALL to protect his people. Which President is the Good King?

Tolkien’s Return of the King in the Lord of the Rings is so much more than a great story made into best-selling books and movies. It is the veritable road-map/journey of Eldredge’s stages in each of us, from Frodo to Aragorn. And as we all know…or at least used to, the day is only won when the hero steps up, sets his fears aside, and puts his people first.

Note: I’ve agreed to serve on the board of directors for My Choice here in Orange County New York…to hopefully reduce the numbers of empty cribs and weeping angels…please God. I would encourage your support of this wonderful organization, and ask that you find a way in your own communities to step up and “Choose Life”. God Bless America, and God Save the King!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ God Save the King!

  1. Dee says:

    As I sit back and compare and contrast THE GOOD KING VS. THE BAD KING I flashed backed to moments and events in my life in microcosm and macrocosm, it was very clarifying. In the small world of those around me (family and friends) to those who are far above me in the hierarchy of life (at school, work, leaders of our communities and our nation) the battle lines were clearly drawn. I did not always fully understand the valiant struggle of the good people around me. But, in the map of my life, and all of your lives, it so clearly reads as the battle between good and evil. There are two Masters to follow : God or Satan! Thanks to Chip for taking this on and to all those perhaps that I failed to thank.

  2. Ella Mae Hedgepeth says:

    Thanks for the article. Glad you are on the board of My Choice.

    Ella Mae

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