The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Mining the Middle


Tradition sustains, revolution destroys…He who re-invents the wheel is merely spinning. The person who condemns the wheel, because it is so old and boring, is not only revolutionary but demented. ~ David Warren,  Something Old, Something New

What do the Equality Act and the SAFE Act have in common? Both sound good, compassionate, fair, desirable, necessary, and…well, very American, do they not? When Andrew Cuomo signed off on the SAFE Act and famously proclaimed all tradition-minded Conservatives are no longer welcome in New York, he revealed his true inner Machiavellian/Orwellian character. The Equality Act and SAFE Act, besides having absolutely nothing at all to do with equality or safety, are fathered by the same Orwellian devil…a devil that knows it cannot impose the former without the latter. How do you force an armed man or woman to defy their own conscience? Our Founders had very good reason to place our God-given right to keep and bear arms as our second most important right. The SAFE Act is the illegal act of domestic despots who lust for power and control over those they were supposed to serve. The Equality Act is the forced sodomization of our minds, bodies, and souls by the same. Read about it HERE.

As we honored our D-Day Veterans this past week I thought of the old friend who referred to the selfless heroes who took the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago, as “a waste of human life.” Watching it all unfold, it occurred to me that nobody I know Mines the Middle as well as this same man, threading the needle of safety, careful not to offend either side in the debate. I had only just commented the other day, “I wonder sometimes whether we would need martyrs if we had more sheepdogs?” Germany fell under the control of their own power-hungry domestic despot because of the Middle-Miners. Thank God for the Sheepdogs! There were no Middle-Miners jumping into the night skies over France, or out of those landing boats at Normandy.

If you don’t think a much darker tyrant than Hitler lurks behind the LGBT Memos from my “Director of Diversity Markets”, the Upper Montclair Drag Queen Story Hour, our friends at Family Central, the Rainbow Flag, Equality Act, and the rape, murder and sex-trafficking of our children, then you are not thinking. “The only way not to find this in any American city is simply not to look for it.” In other words, the only way not to find evil is to turn off your inner Sheepdog! Oh…I failed to connect the Abortion-Now-Infanticide dot! Apparently the Sheepdog is alive and well at the University of Alabama! Go Big Al! There is hope…

In all fairness to the Middle-Miners, the modern world has made it next to impossible to be anything but. My Liberal pro-mind your own damn business!” friend from a couple of Sundays ago doesn’t see herself as a stormtrooper of the New Reich, Orwell referred to as Thinkpol, but the top-down devils have successfully fused a passionate Sieg Heil into her soul, and many more like her. Stephen Stills had the prophetic line in the hit song, For What it’s Worth, “Step out o’ line, and they’ll come and they’ll take you away.” This is the very heart of the reason why Main Stream Media wants Trump’s head on a platter…for the very same reason Herod’s step-daughter Salome wanted John the Baptist’s head…for exposing the lie. President Trump is Van Helsing to the darkest and most vampiric evil to ever threaten our planet. And what does the beast need to seal our fate? Lost Souls and Middle-Miners.

Lost Souls are those who have no foundation or anchor to truth. They are the ones Dobie Gray sang about in his sixties hit, The “In” Crowd. For them, feelings trump truth. The Middle-Miners on the other hand, have a relationship with truth. They understand, respect, and even admire what the Lost Souls have rejected. They simply refuse to defend it. To their minds, they have much too much to lose…and on one level they are absolutely correct. The vast majority of Middle-Miners are Baby-Boomers who have grown dependent on the devil, never realizing who he was. And now he owns them via pensions, healthcare, and security, etc.

But there’s good news. Our fate is only sealed when we’ve drawn our last breath. Bob Dylan channeled truth all the way to a totally convicted Christian heart. John Lennon knew it and was reaching for it before he was murdered. Tradition sustains, revolution destroys. Watch carefully as the two sides struggle in the greatest tug-of-war for power and control the world has ever known. Defenders of truth shine. Those now forced into openly defending the lie are dying before our very eyes. Get out of the middle while you can! God is throwing us all a line in Elizabeth A. Mitchell’s WANTED: the Good Guys

I encourage you to visit , click on the video icon on the left and watch “We Are the Plan”, “Dark to Light”, and “Killing the Mockingbird”.

Let us pray…

Dear Lord, guide us from the middle where no good man can endure                            Where hope is soft and brittle, and every line a blur.                                                             Lead us to the place we cannot see around the bend,                                                              The home of love and glory; our eternal freedom in the end.                                                      ~ Amen

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    So because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth. – Revelation 3:16

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