The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ How to Fight the Unseen War

…who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” ~ Matthew 10:16

We are moving faster and faster to the epicenter of it all, and God is screaming to those with the ears to hear. I heard Him last Sunday as my pastor shared the story of King Nehemiah. A simple story really. It was a story about God, a King, a Wall, Guards, Laborers, and Enemies. In fact, it is the very same story we are living at this very moment in time. God is the same God who this time around has anointed Trump as the King, using the same Laborers to build the same Wall to protect us from the same Enemies. Wait a minute…the original story had a wall and five stakeholders. How did it become a wall and four stakeholders? What has happened to the Guards on Nehemiah’s Wall?

Thinking back on John Eldredge’s fabulous book, Fathered by God, we have our answer. We are missing the guard in ourselves as one of Eldredge’s five stages of manhood; boyhood-cowboy-warrior-lover-king. The warrior has gone missing in us, leaving the modern man in western civilization “uninitiated and unfinished” as Eldredge himself puts it. There is no greater threat to us on this earth, than our own lacking of this vital nutrient in our own being. As a result, we have made ourselves easy prey for the wolves in Matthew 10…lacking only the tenderizer and seasoning to complete our part in the fast-approaching feast of the wolves.

I’m also thinking back on a great day in Warwick back on May 11th when we marched in the very first “Choose Life Parade”. My good friend Clay made a very eloquent and passionate appeal to the Church Shepherds to stop treating abortion as politically forbidden territory where the churches dare not tread. Who determines the health, safety, and welfare of the flock best, the shepherd or the wolf? Why then, do we defer to the wolf? Because that’s what uninitiated and unfinished men do. This why my Christian friend really didn’t understand why he was on that wall with us as the guards at a local transgender indoctrination event. The initiated and finished man instinctively knows he is there to drive the wolf away…to easier prey. This is how the Seward-Mapes Committee in Florida NY can insult, smear, and slander a military, law-enforcement, first-responder organization of Constitutionalists…accused of being what they themselves are guilty of being…political ideologues. Same exact pattern. This, as initiated and finished men know, is how the wolf hunts.

Last week we identified the battle space of Powers & Principalities, and the most effective weapons on this field being prayer and fasting. Interestingly, I have discovered from my own experience, we disown unseen parts of ourselves…usually as a result of childhood experiences. The Kabbalists map the unseen world using what they refer to as the Tree of Life. Energy points on the Tree are known as Sefirot. There are ten in total, masculine on one side, feminine on the other, base dense earth energy below, and the top (Keter) divine above. For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll focus on the Gevurah (warrior) mid-tree on the one side, and its Hesed (Loving) opposite. The Tree also maps our spiritual/physical body. The more balanced we are, the healthier we are. In my case, I had completely disowned my Gevurah as the result of an over-bearing and domineering father, essentially leaving me energetically disabled and powerless to defend myself. I was pretty brutally bullied as a child. I need to point out here that I am not endorsing Kabbalah as a spiritual practice. As my pastor points out, there is no authoritative reference to it in our Bible. But, as I confessed in my own Baptismal Testimony, I turned over every other stone before I came to the Truth, and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Clearly, God meant for me to learn this lesson…and recover my own warrior self, and take my rightful place to stand on this wall. And here’s where this gets very interesting. My pastor and I had a very productive discussion about this very thing this past Friday. We realized together that we were discussing two distinctly different walls, one physical, and the other spiritual. Where he and I seem to differ is in the fact that I do not see one mutually exclusive of the other. Even if they were, the question remains, and still needs to be answered by the shepherd, what happened to the guards on the physical wall?

The opposing forces are irreconcilable. Those of us who have stood on the wall know the wolf. Those who haven’t either aren’t aware that he exists, think he’s their friend, or they can make a friend of him…the same wolf that exists only to devour their souls. We need to recover our disowned warrior selves. Its very easy to see in the 20/20 rear-view, how the Cultural-Marxists and Progressives have conditioned us, and caused us to disown this essential energy in ourselves over the years via their lock on public education, pop-culture, and corporate media. But God means for us to be complete, fully initiated and finished men. And He will help us, if we will but draw closer to him in all that we do. My brothers and I are petitioning our Lord in prayer and fellowship every Sunday evening on the Spiritual Wall. We invite you to join us this Wednesday in a special day of prayer and fasting, with prayer focus on Matthew 10:16-23; that we may know and understand the wolf together…and with Almighty God’s blessing, deal with him as the initiated and finished men God made each of us to be.

Whatever has diminished your heart as a king, or toward the king, you must not let it win. It is as a king you were born, and it is as a king you must rise. There is great good to be done, and many people to rescue—all that we are missing are the kings of the earth. ~ John Eldredge, Fathered by God


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