The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Red Lines of Real Men

The Bad King

Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen. ~ Rev. 1:7

Our Prayer & Fast focus this past Wednesday was on the Red Line of all Red Lines as presented in the very last book in the Holy Bible; Revelations 1:7 and 7:13-17. Looking back on the trail of SMTU breadcrumbs we have followed to bring us here, I hasten to add, since we began our foray into the realm of principalities and powers, during this most dangerous time of chaos and upheaval, through the treacherous fog of human nature, we are presented with the illuminated runway only the willing fool could miss: Humility & Humiliation>Boldness & Fortitude>The Whole Armor of God>Discernment>The Inversion of Right & Wrong>The Red Lines of Real Men. He’s preparing us for the greatest and most final Red Line of them all, drawn by the greatest Real Man, Fathered by God Himself…

It’s far easier to see and appreciate real men after the long train of disappointments and failures from the tragically long line of what John Eldredge describes as uninitiated and unfinished men. I have to say, a bright crimson flag unfurled for me when Canada’s most uninitiated and unfinished man (pictured above) proudly admitted that he and his wife were raising their two sons to be Feminists a couple of years ago. Today, the albatross of corruption he has hung ‘round his own neck has all but extinguished his hopes for re-election…after the damage done to his country by his feckless administration. Of course, we Americans were treated to our own version of leadership by the uninitiated and unfinished man and the famous red line that wasn’t during his second term in office.

Uninitiated and unfinished men are mostly unprincipled men. They lack the credibility that comes from character and moral fortitude that would give the red line its desired effect in the first place. Though he might be great fun at a party, who would respect a red line drawn by the man pictured at the top of the page? Modern man, taken as a whole (our current President excluded), detests conflict. He much prefers to be “liked”. There are exceptions to this in the corporate executive world where aggression replaces agreeable, and the bottom line replaces morality and principle as the primary consideration and driving force. Voilà! The unfinished men have given us a technically superior and efficient world, full of morally bankrupt men…to the tragic point of becoming so very hard to watch the news anymore.

There is something else we need to consider when discussing the red lines of real men. But first, let’s review the five stages of healthy manhood, as presented by John Eldredge in Fathered by God. They are Boyhood>Cowboy>Warrior>Lover>King. The lacking or missing development in any of these first four stages result in the uninitiated and unfinished man, and will determine more often than not, good king or bad king. Because here is the harsh reality in the world of men; Red lines have a totally different purpose for kings than for the corporate executive. For kings, generally speaking, they are for the good of the people. For the corporate executive, they are for the bottom line. Of course, as most of us should know, the bad kings are all about power and control at all costs…the heaviest costs, paid dearly by those they rule.

Often times, the bad kings team up with the corporate executives (ALL unfinished men*) to profit from the illusions they create. These same dark alliances work diligently to turn virtue into crime, and perversion into virtue. Breathe deep the gathering gloom…a stone’s throw from the pristine sanctity of your country club fairways and greens; the unintended consequences. In a world fashioned by uninitiated and unfinished men, we reap what we have sown. Bad kings kill life on both ends of the spectrum, and enslave the middle…time after time.

The holy and only purpose of God’s ultimate red line is to bring His children home. It is only our unrepentant sin that separates us from the Father who created us and loves each and every one of us beyond human measure. LOVE is the driving force behind the Revelations Red Line. But God desires more for us than to simply be with Him. He wants us to be like Him, which is why He made us in His own image…which also begs the question, “If God has His red line, what is mine?” I am very pleased to introduce you to Chief Counsel Robert David Steele of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice who explains in this 15-minute clip just what the uninitiated and unfinished bad kings and corporate executives have done and are doing with and to our children. I need to pause here and give thanks and pray for the Red Line of the Real Men, many no longer with us (Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington to name a few), who risked and gave all to bring this evil to light.

This brings us to God’s retirement plan for us as men. To be blessed to live the life God has made us to live fully and completely as men from boyhood to king, requires us now to be Merlin to Arthur, and Gandalf to the next Aragorn…as Sage. As Oswald Chambers puts it in Struggle for Self, we must be right ourselves before we can help others to be right.

* Stating that ALL corporate executives are unfinished men seems excessively harsh. The fact is that most of the multi-national corporate heads in our modern world pass through a lifetime of filters designed to eliminate the initiated, finished, and principled men fathered by God, in favor of the more Progressive-minded.

Remember, then, what you have received and heard. Keep it and repent. If you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know the hour when I will come upon you. ~ Rev. 3:3


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