The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Mocking Tongue

"Physically Smart & Spiritually Stupid"

“Physically Smart & Spiritually Stupid”

The righteous man perishes, and no one lays it to heart; devout men are taken away while no one understands. For the righteous man is taken away from calamity, he enters into peace; they rest in their beds who walk in their uprightness. But you, draw near hither, sons of the sorceress, offspring of the adulterer and the harlot. Of whom are you making sport? Against whom do you open your mouth wide and put out your tongue? ~ Isaiah 57:1-4 KC Chief Larry Johnson on SB Halftime Tribute to Satan

To think of our world events and all that occurs in the space of a week’s time can be un-nerving and frightening. The complete disarray of one political party in Iowa, concurrent with acquittal of their #1 target in Washington (which they refuse to accept), perhaps the most divided SOTU in history with the Speaker tearing up her copy of the President’s speech, all amidst the backdrop of the Coronavirus…rumored to be an escaped biological weapon from a Chinese lab.

Even more amazing to me…how we went from last week’s Loyalty, Vision, and Sanctification to this week’s read of Isaiah 57 and the Mocking Tongue those of us tuned into last Sunday’s Super Bowl Halftime show were treated to. I have lost all interest in what I used to love watching the professional sport of football. It seems more than clear to me that what used to be an as-American-as-apple-pie National Football League, has become the Social Justice Warrior League pimps for THE most un-American Globalist/Deep State forces imaginable. I went for the sole purpose of spending time with the friends I grew up with. Most of whom are as awake as I am to the horror of what our country has become. To think of how many of the children my generation has raised, who look upon what we saw as “entertainment” sickens me beyond words.

And then this past Thursday, my day began with Maxwell’s Leadership read on Ezra and his role in the restoration of Jerusalem, and Chambers’ Moral Dominion read of the crucial alliance between King Hiram of Tyre and King Solomon that provided the rest on every side needed to build God’s Temple, and ended with our Men’s Bible Study of the John Eldredge book Fathered by God, where we are now in the Lover stage, having finished Warrior. The first nugget that jumped out of the river and into my pan, “We must not let the battle become everything.” Its one thing to read these words in peacetime, quite another when we’re perched upon the castle walls of Helm’s Deep watching as Sauron’s army approaches from the East. Now? In all places, and of all times, God has me reading, “This is very good for the warrior to be arrested by Beauty. It provides a great balance to his soul, lest he simply be a fighter. The Celts had a phrase, ‘Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance,’ by which they meant if he is not also becoming a poet, be careful how much warrior you allow a man to be.” WOW…double Holy and immaculate WOW!

The time we are living in is both terrifying and exhilarating. Terrifying because the monster (the lady pictured above serves) behind the monster, also known as the shadow government or deep state, is out in the open now. Exhilarating because we as Christians and God-fearing Americans know what this portends, how our feet are planted, and where our hearts and minds reside. My brother nick-named Aramis sent me this quote from “Dangerous Good” by Kenny Luck, “The point here is sharp: The man of God is not a spectator to God’s Kingdom purposes being advanced on earth. God never intended His sons to watch the battle between evil and good; He expects us to fight for the good of our faith—in the open, living out the dangerous good calling we have in Him, and, in the process, restating our identity in Christ to the world!”  

I wrote to some old friends just this morning, “I’ve learned that people can be physically smart and spiritually stupid.” And that “Most people I know follow their own self-interest when they come to a crossroad. I follow Him…it’s the spiritually smart thing to do.”

Keep the Faith Dear Friend…its about to get bumpy.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Mocking Tongue

  1. Kim Barron says:

    Let me preface the following statements by saying, I have no problem with any performer expressing themselves but they should know their audience and take responsibility for being a role-model in instances where impressionable, young children are concerned. As an adult, I have the ability to decide what shows I’d like to see and when I’d like to see them. I admire the Shakira’s ability to sing and dance and J-Lo’s ability to dance and if so desired, I would pay to see their live shows.

    The Super Bowl should have issued a parental warning letting the public know the half-time show was rated, “R”. That would have given parents the opportunity to decide if they wanted their children to watch the show. IMHO, the show presented should have been a Las Vegas stage show, not a Super Bowl halt-time show.

    Talk about the Metoo movement, NOW, and all those feminists in pink hats…where do they stand on this topic? Hey…hello there, I can’t seem to hear your outrage over the blatant, objectification of women. Hmmm, the hypocrisy is deafening! Let’s also keep in mind, the increased incidence of human trafficking in our world and the fact they occur more frequently in and around cities that host a Super Bowl.

    Who thought it was a great idea to put on on show with scantily clad women, gyrating, pole dancing, and mimicking oral sex? Thanks Shakira, your tongue wagging might have been an homage to the Middle Eastern custom of zaghrouta but (hello…duh!) not when you’re holding a microphone…optics are everything! I’m pretty certain women in the Middle East don’t use microphones when performing this joyful ululation.

    NFL Commissioner, Roger Goddell, has banned certain ads from being aired during the Super Bowl saying, that it is the league’s policy against “ads that carry a political message.” Well, what about half-time shows? Does anyone screen the half-time shows or does that policy not apply? J-Lo was allowed to use children in cages and a fence projected behind her to get her political message across to the public.

    Hypocrisy at its finest! An organization that says they’re doing what they can to educate players how not to physically abuse and use women as objects goes ahead and presents an extremely, over-sexualized Super Bowl half-time show with an underlying intent to numb moral outrage felt by parents and others because children were exposed to explicit sexual innuendos during what was supposed to be a family-friendly event. Way to go NFL!

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