The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Join Our Happy Throng”

“The Offspring of the Serpent vs the Offspring of the Woman”

Loyalty to Jesus Christ is the supernatural work of redemption wrought in me by the Holy Ghost who sheds abroad the love of God in my heart, and that love works efficaciously through me in contact with everyone I meet. ~ Oswald Chambers, Missionary Devotion

Ef-fi-ca-cious ~ The power to produce a desired effect.

This article, from Virginia (home of Washington, Jefferson, and Patrick Henry) of all places, inspired the title of today’s Tune-up, from the hymn Onward Christian Soldiers: Virginia Forces Christian Ministries To Adopt Government Ideology Or Pay $100,000 Fine

Just days before the article, a friend had sent me the image of the painting framed above, Spiritual Warfare: This Little Light Of Mine by artist Sharon Taylor (Here). The article and painting in tandem set the perfect tone for today’s message. In addition, “This Little Light of Mine” and “Join Our Happy Throng” cast a surprising and welcome light on the otherwise dark and dismal circumstance the article and painting would otherwise suggest…especially when you consider the appalling lack of efficacious work emanating from the Christian Soldier Command Centers (churches) across America!

Over the years since the country was founded, the separation between church and state has digressed to a point where churches can no longer speak on behalf of the current issues of the day. They’ve become puppets of the state. And the role of the pastors have been diminished from being leaders in political and theological thought, to becoming mouthpieces for the conformity of governmental systems. And as a result, the majority of our churches have ceased to provide the tools to discern between fear and faith. ~ Scott Kesterson, EP136 Reviving Political Theology

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. ~ Revelation 3:22

Were it not for our own human nature, “We naturally like what we have been accustomed to, and are attracted to it.” ~ Maimonides

The Holy Spirit was firing on ALL cylinders this week seeking to rouse us from our slumber in our Prayer & Fast Wednesday invitation the day before…

Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that You are the Lord God, and that You have turned their hearts back to You again. ~ 1 Kings 18:37 from John C Maxwell, “Be Willing To Stand Up”

Too many of us sit waiting for God to stand up for us, when in fact it has always been the Elijah’s who stood up to the 450 prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel, and the Shadrach’s, Meshach’s, and Abednego’s standing up to the “authorities” throughout the course of the entire Bible that turns the peoples’ hearts back to God time, and time again.

It is the sum-total of our faith and trust in God that provides us with the courage to stand for Him! We have to pray relying upon what has been revealed by the sent-down Holy Spirit, and the first revelation is that we do not know how to pray. (See Rom. 8:26.) ~ Oswald Chambers, “Prayer Pervaded by Pentecost”. Please join us for Prayer & Fast Wednesday tomorrow with prayerful focus on Matthew 6:8-18 and Jude 20.

…and continued speaking to me on the day itself:

There are times when God cannot reveal Himself in any other way than His majesty. And out of the midst of the terror there comes the voice we know, saying to us personally, “Do not be afraid.” When once His touch comes like that, nothing can at all cast us into fear again. ~ Oswald Chambers, Dawning Fear of His Deity (Revelation 1:17)

His blessing on this P&FW brothers and sisters…I find the Lords voice growing stronger in my ear with each passing day. The herd-like behavior of many in Warwick fearful of the increasing numbers of Hasidim gathering in their parks, fearful of Covid, fearful*…this morning’s Chambers read…coupled with my Morning Maxwell story about the bravery of midwives Shiphrah and Puah, without whom we might have suffered to live in a Moses-free world…imagine.

they said to you, “In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions.” It is these who set up divisions, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit…But you…And convince some, who doubt; save some, by snatching them out of the fire; on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. ~Jude 18,19,22,23 …Must not (My humble interpretation) lend yourself to fear on behalf of the unbelievers.

*Warwick closed the park IN FEAR on the very same day.

The question of the millennia, as the war drums beat ever louder and closer…where is the church? I had a dear friend share with me as “the guy in the middle” that his pastor is just not comfortable diving into politics and does not want to divide the church along political lines. Three things come immediately to mind. First, there is NO middle in the “war between the Offspring of the Serpent, and the Offspring of the Woman.” Second, its not about Republican or Democrat, Left or Right. As a mutual friend so eloquently put it, God has literally been kicked OUT of the USA & now they are persecuting a potential Supreme Court Justice because she is a BELIEVER!! We see millions of babies aborted in the most inhuman ways possible. Children who ARE born are being kidnapped for sex trafficking! People have never been so divided & hatred never so rampant as NOW!! People are trying to erase our Godly heritage & rewrite history. The government is rotten to the core & as corrupt as the mafia!! Our Cities are burning & there are specific attacks on churches!! Third, and most important of all, what in the world does “comfort” have to do with it? Where was the “middle” on Calvary? Where was the “comfort” for the Father and the Son on the foundational Ground Zero of our Christian Life, or post-Pentecostal Paul and the rest of the Disciples? What is Truth to those who choose the lie? Or worse…the easy in-between?

Tough Love ~ Good men fall into slumber and denial. Surely there were none better than Peter. Western Civilization has incrementally inserted itself into the ultimate Chinese finger trap. Man, without benefit of the Holy Spirit, has NO WAY OUT. A divided church, in the war perfectly illustrated above, has little hope of winning as our Lord Himself understood in John 17:21. Please pray for a small group of Christian shepherds and a few sheepdogs as they gather today at 4pm to ask the Holy Spirit to unite us as the One He wills us to be. What the devil fears most… 1st Century Disciples! Efficaciously, of course.

                                                       Most Men, CM 10/8/20

All men live their lives between God and the Devil. Most men give in to one and give up on the other…leading even more to the worldly view…begetting still more men who long for victory and fear defeat, who despise the cold and hate the heat. And all the others who fail to show, lose heart before the winter snow. Who can measure such distant space between the fallen one and the arms of grace? Those of us not of this coil, are not made for quiet desperation, but to sweat and toil the mines of truth. To die before we live in chains forged by wicked men in place because of weaker men who fear the bite of truth. To rise and fall and rise again for the joy of purpose, and love for Him who made us not most men.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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