The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Him in us = the man in you

Paul says, “Don’t glory in men; don’t say, I am of Paul, or I am of Apollos, and don’t think of yourself more highly than you ought to think, but think according to the measure of faith, that is, according to what the grace of God has done in you.” ~ Oswald Chambers, He Knew What Was In Man

“What is the mechanism that a short-lived person can have to continue the continuity of a project over a thousand years and not deviate? Just asking…because what you end up with is an anomaly you can’t answer, unless you’re dealing with something that we don’t understand. I can easily…easily go to the Book of Enoch and say, ‘The Fallen.’” ~ Scott Kesterson, What It Will Take (hold that thought)

Someone once asked Joan of Arc why God spoke only to her. She responded, “Sir, you are wrong. God speaks to everyone. I just listen.”

The Holy Spirit led me to my sisters in this world and opened our minds to the well-hidden Book of Enoch for His purpose, along with other signs and wonders, so we set up a Zoom Study group. I soon discovered a pattern of correction and resistance in them to me, which puzzled and frustrated me because our cultural views were the same…identical really. I even, jokingly (sort of) chided them, “Have my sisters ever considered how much better the world would be if we put as much passion into correcting the lie as we do in straightening out the Truth?” And friends…If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’…as I am sending that question to them, Holy Sprit is answering in that very same moment through Kesterson…

Men need intensity in this day and age. The problem we have right now is that the culture we are living in is inverted, and that cannot be denied. If you go to Google search for example and just look at search bar, everything they want you to find is about women-owned business… “POC”-owned business. The white male…the principal male of the United States…doesn’t matter what color. All men in this country are disempowered at this point in time by corporate advertising. ~ Scott Kesterson BardsFM, Where Are The Men? 

So, in this same exchange I have them in my left ear, and Scott in my right, as one shares a story of struggle…which I naturally answered as was coming into my right ear, “The world is broken my sister, and will sadly and tragically remain so until the male/female energy (power) comes back into the balance God designed.” These words DID NOT come from me, they most certainly came from Him in me…and I just listened.

When I was a child in elementary school and into freshman year of high school I was bullied mercilessly. It was more verbal than physical, but all bullying is about power and fear. I did not realize at the time that it was due to my disempowerment at the hands of a dominating father who needed to control everything…and everyone. Like most boys, I looked up to my father and was hungry for his approval and affection…something he had an extremely hard time giving. Pretty tough place for a boy to be. The creative spark through music and writing quickly filled the gap. But nothing can ever really fill the father gap left when the torch of male empowerment has been withheld and suppressed…I learned…painfully.

So, what I am here to tell you is that our world is suffering today the very same power/control-based abusive relationship I suffered yesterday. God works in ALL kinds of ways through ALL kinds of people. He put a Sufi-Kabbalist in my life for this reason. Shams recognized the same energy imbalance that has disempowered men today as the root cause of my struggles as a young man. She used the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to illustrate and help me understand the nature of our unseen energy as mapped through 9 sefirot on the tree…lowest being more physical matter, highest more spiritual/divine. The focus in my case had to do with the Chesed (female/compassion) and Gevurah (male/warrior) sefirot opposite each other on the tree. Wanting my father’s love and approval I was conditioned as a child to disown my Gevurah energy. The continuity of a project over a thousand years Kesterson is referring to above that has metastasized into the monolithic corporate/globalist cancer disempowering men today, from a male/female energy standpoint, is the exact same imbalance that disempowered me as a young man. And…the Female dominated imbalance is a Luciferian inversion. The world is only now waking up to the wide reach in our society of a bloodline that goes back to Cain.

This is obvious in the following example. Holy Spirit put on my heart to deliver a message to a men’s Bible study group, in the middle of Book of Daniel chapter 6 this past Friday. After sharing the Joan of Arc quote above, I held up a face mask and said, “One year ago when we sat in this same space wearing these, Jesus was here with us nodding His approval. Today, knowing what we now know, this (holding the mask) is straight-up medical tyranny. And we are enabling and perpetuating the lie by our participation, bowing to the wrong authority, and breaking His heart in so doing.”

The healing technique that enabled me to bring my Gevurah back to its rightful place on the Tree, is known as voice dialogue therapy. The amazing thing about it all…the bullied boy grew into the protecting man…the sheepdog God made me to be for this time and place. Now before I bring you back to the message I laid on my Bible study brothers, I need to setup context through the following Chambers quote;

Have I allowed my personal human life to become a “Bethlehem” for the Son of God? It is not that God patches up my natural virtues, but that I learn by obedience to make room for Jesus Christ to exhibit His disposition in me. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Need for New Birth

Brothers and sisters, how are we allowing our personal human lives to become a “Bethlehem” for the Son of God while we are deliberately slapping Him in His face by wearing the lie on ours? How? I will tell you how. In the current female/male imbalance, the dominant power does not want to relinquish it. That is the tendency of human nature since the beginning of human nature. So, in a situation screaming for our Gevurah, we men have been conditioned to respond with our Chesed. Giving ourselves a major head-fake, we have convinced ourselves we are putting out the fire…while the truth is we are pouring gasoline on the fire. It is the same with my corrective sisters…our children are being trafficked while we are being herded into social behavior cattle cars and groomed for the mark, and the dominant energy in the room is telling us we need to respond with more of our Chesed (compassion).

This brings us to a great paradoxical view. While we are waiting on God, He is waiting on us. Man can’t without God, God won’t without man. The Him in us = the man in you…when we let him back in…and not a single second sooner.

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