The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Love, Hope, & “Honor”

The Battle Plan

…for which I am an ambassador in chains; that in proclaiming it I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak. ~ Ephesians 6:20

Out of the blue I began to write the word “love” in my At-a-Glance day calendar book that I keep to remind me of where I am supposed to be each day. I started this last Prayer & Fast Wednesday, August 18th. Last P&FW our prayer focus was on God tasking Gideon during a hopeless time for Israel living under the oppressive boot of Midian chronicled in Judges 6. Holy Spirit led me to His tasking Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer during a hopeless time for His people centuries later, as a parallel and key part of the focus in our P&FW invite. The very next day, He connected the third dot…to love.

Its hard to describe what actually happened on Thursday, August 19th because it’s a 1st person view. It is always much easier to write about another. But I will tell you that this past Thursday was a culmination event. It was the tumblers clicking into place at the Hand of the Master safe-cracker of all time, prayed into place from the 2020 Pentecost fourteen months earlier right here in Slate Hill. Covid was five months old when I dropped to my knees on the Sunday night of May 31st 2020 and prayed to God to open my eyes and heart to what He was trying to tell us. He answered…

First, He led me to a new church where I could breathe the fresh air only the Holy Spirit can bring. A church where filling the hearts trumps any concern over filling the pews or paying bills. A church where the Truth of the Gospel is the ONLY Word. A church where the false doctrine of Social Justice is identified, rebuked, and rejected…where tongues are free of the chains of political correctness. A church where the Good Shepherd Pastor Steve walks and talks Ephesians 6:20, armed with Paul’s same love for Jesus Christ.

Second, He led a small group of believers to form CLOTH (Christian Leaders Of The Hudson) as a way of uniting church leaders to build relationship with one another to strengthen His ecclesia, and fulfil His final John 17:21 prayer for us to be ONE with Him.

Third, He modified the Relationship Triangle illustrated above originally shown to me as a marriage counseling tool by Pastor Adams in 2016. He showed me how the same concept could empower us to overcome the enemy’s favorite weapon…the wall of FEAR. There was only one thing missing. We needed Battle Prayer. Enter the ministry of Rev. Ampah and Aimee Johnson of the Vision Harvest Ministries…right here in Slate Hill, New York! Now, believe me when I tell you, we have the devil’s attention.

And now, to the “culminating event” of this past Thursday, August 19th 2021. I knew I was called to attend the Minisink Board of Education Meeting (walking distance from Pastor Ampah’s prayer turrets) that evening. What I had no way of knowing until that morning was that God was connecting me to the invincible power of His love through the spirit of David…I was simply the empty vessel bringing it. It is all explained here Love & “Honor”.

Amazing song. I truly felt God’s presence with you Thursday evening. It was like nothing I ever experienced before. When you approached me, I felt a sense of comfort and strength after speaking without the microphone. I could just tell the Lord was with you in that moment. God Bless! ~ A Mom

My son was the boy Wyatt sitting next to you. He thought you were awesome as did so many of us. I would love to help support orange strong and be a part of it. Would love the app. Hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you soon. ~ Another Mom

Amazing things happen when we learn to leave our selves for Him. This is our time to put on the full armor of God, turn into the light of hope, present and accounted for…and ready for battle!  

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Love, Hope, & “Honor”

  1. Thank you Chip, for having the courage to go and face your Goliath. We know the battle is the Lord’s but He is in us. If we don’t show up He doesn’t!

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