The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Perversion and the Wrath of the Lamb

And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the lamb; For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? ~ Revelation 6:15-17

The new NYS law S123A will now monitor our speech and disseminate hate crime requirements across churches, schools, and organizations
The law allocates millions for Hate Teams and will work with Department of Homeland Security to shut down “domestic terrorism” and “white supremacy”. ~ From the enemy’s bag of tricks:




  • 1.the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended: “a scandalous perversion of the law”

Revelation 6:15-17 covers a whole lot of people from kings to every free man. You know what it doesn’t cover? It doesn’t cover the Remnant. It doesn’t cover the Warrior-Saint. Man looks at a thing in his time on his line of things…and hides himself in the mountains, rocks, and dens. God looks on everything in His time on ALL lines of things…and fulfills His Word…every jot and tittle!

So, while so many of us are desperately, and futilely I might add, clinging to the last straws of normalcy, the real chess game is on between the chess masters, God and Satan…as Nefarious rolls out in sparse theater locations and our Covenant with God is renewed at the very site it was first made in 1607; something of great historical significance those attempting to pervert our history don’t want our children’s children to know, and there’s more. There is a seed of Revival planted in the ground earlier this year in Sullivan County, New York, and its fast-taking root as God is bringing rain, reaching and soaking into the soil of the farm in Montgomery whose owners had prayed over the ground in Batavia where thousands came to the Lord, and asked the Holy Spirit to bring the same to their farm.

What we cannot imagine on our lines, God manages on His. On this same Montgomery soil this past April Fools Day 😊, He used a Drag Queen Story Hour event to create the Common Ground initiative as the means to heal and build community. We had our 3rd meeting yesterday. We are in the process of identifying and reaching out to community stakeholders who may not share the same beliefs and values, but who seek an end to the pain and bitterness of hate and division. So we have the Covenant renewal at Virginia Beach on Wednesday, and enormously successful Pro-Life Banquet on Thursday, and on Friday our Revival Committee had a meeting with Fr. Frank Pavone’s staff to discuss his appearance at our John 17:21 Revival at the farm in September. Here’s where God is starting to merge our line with His. Fr. Pavone is member of a fellowship of believers most of us would never have imagined possible in this country, the Coalition of Canceled Priests. Rev. Bill Banuchi and I met many of its members at the Serve God, Defend Liberty Conference in Delaware last August that involved 50 church leaders from 17 states, half of whom are Catholic. What I find both amazing and affirming is that three men from that 4-day conference were on the hallowed ground in Virginia this past Wednesday, including LTC (retired) Pete “Doc” Chambers who gave what I believe will long be remembered as the Remnant Call-To-Arms.  Again, God merging His line with ours through Doc and Fr. Pavone brought the term Warrior-Saint to my mind. What we can’t imagine on our line (binary), He accomplishes on His (quantum). Amen? The question is which line are you prepared to stand on?

If you are ready to bring in the new, bury the old, and be part of history; join Pastor Graves 😊 and the rest of us today at 4pm at New Beginnings Church 😊 170 N. Main Street in Liberty 😊 NY…followed by a Special CLOTH “Arise & Shine” next Sunday at 4pm at Circleville Church 890 Goshen Tpke. Circleville, NY…and it only gets better…as we come together to prepare the ground!

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