Here They Come!

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”– Rahm Emanuel

You can actually see the drool forming on the chin of the Ruling Class as it senses its Carpe Diem moment! Talk about crosshairs!!! Our 1st and 2nd Amendments are directly in their sights…and these suckers have been to the practice range!!

Net Neutrality, Fairness Doctrine, Magazine Clips…No guns within 1,000 feet of a Congressman??? Holy Smith & Wesson Batman…I have a better law. How about NO CONGRESSMEN WITHIN 1,000 FEET OF A PEN!!!! BECAUSE IN THE LAST 2 YEARS THEIR PENS HAVE BECOME WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!

The supreme irony in all of this is as obvious as light in Las Vegas. From everything I have read about the Arizona shooter, he wasn’t a victim of Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh (…although the Left has already handed that defense strategy over to his lawyer on a silver platter!). He is a living, breathing casualty and consequence of the War on Family Values that has been waging in our country for years!! And WHO has been a bigger defender of these values than Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin??? Again…You want to talk about crosshairs? Let’s talk about crosshairs!!! What has been more devastatingly in the crosshairs of the Left than the very Foundation of Family in America?? Answer that one for me…someone PLEASE??? He had a Pagan Shrine in his back yard!!!

Beck is right, we need a George Washington-like LEADER and we need them to manifest SOON! Because at this moment in our history, we are a punch drunk prize-fighter wobbling in the 13th round…trying desperately to stay on our feet, while the Ruling Class circle us like the jackals they are. We don’t need more laws! We need a LEADER to protect us from the law makers!!

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