Is Obama’s “Shining City on the Hill” Mecca?

Before I find myself harpooned as an Obama-hater, please note this is a question and, in view of the circumstances we find ourselves in, a fair one to boot! Please consider the following:

1)      First and foremost is lack of vetting of our 44th president. From sealed records and college transcripts to the question of his birth and faith, he is the least truly known president to hold office.

2)      His words and deeds reflect the values of Karl Marx more so than the founding principles and Constitution he swore an oath to uphold and protect.

3)      These words, deeds and public policy have been totally consistent with the red flags raised during his campaign…from Reverend Wright to Bill Ayers.

4)      Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, in which President Obama told him that he was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the stepson of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda.

5)      Obama’s White House has clearly cooled to Israel as it has warmed to Islam

6)      Obama renews Ambassador-relations with Syria.

7)      Obama’s Justice Department refuses to acknowledge that we are indeed at war with Radical Islam…even as our children were slaughtered to the cry of “Allahu Akbar” at Fort Hood!

8)      The Obama Administration stages an unprecedented intervention on behalf of the Mosque at Ground Zero Developers.

9)      The Obama Administration re-tasks NASA to re-build Muslim world image.

10)  Lebanon>Tunisia>Jordan>EGYPT?

This past weekend revealed the partnering of Socialist Organizations around the USA in solidarity with the rising chorus of anti-Israel and anti-US sentiment throughout the Middle East. Unfortunately, the facts above do not bode well for the prospects of individual freedom and liberty in the Middle East. Rather, the doors of opportunity seem to have magically opened wide…as if by orchestration for the Muslim Brotherhood, with a little help from their friend?

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1 Response to Is Obama’s “Shining City on the Hill” Mecca?

  1. Daniel says:

    I think he’s also the least trusted of all our Presidents. People don’t know enough about him, and what they do know they’re not sure of.

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