The Winds of Change & The Gathering Storm…Once Again!

Winston Churchill saw the gathering storm clouds long before the rest of England, Europe and the Free World bothered to look up from their routine worries.

For those of you yet convinced that history does indeed repeat itself…

Our difficulties come from the mood of unwarrantable self-abasement, into which we have been cast by a powerful section of our intellectuals. They come from the acceptance of defeatist doctrines by a large proportion of our politicians. But what do they offer but a vague internationalism, a squalid materialism, and a promise of Utopias?

Nothing can save England if she will not save herself. If we lose faith in ourselves, in our capacity to guide and govern, if we lose our will to live, then indeed our story is told. England would sink to the level of a fifth-rate power, and nothing would remain of all her glories except a population much larger than this island can support.

“We ought, as a nation and as an Empire, to weather any storm at least as well as any other existing system of human government. It may well be that the most glorious chapters in our history are yet to be written. Indeed, the very problems and dangers that encompass us and our country ought to make English men and women of this generation glad to be here at such a time. We ought to rejoice at the responsibilities with which destiny has honored us, and be proud that we are guardians of our country in an age when her life is at stake!”- Winston Churchill

Churchill spoke these words on April 24, 1933, six years before the Second World War. He was 59 years old. What is amazing about this speech is the fact that all one needs to do is substitute the words America for England, and Republic for Empire and this speech could be delivered word for word to the hearts and minds of the American people this very day!

There are notable differences in the storm clouds that threatened the world in 1933 compared to the dark forces gathering this day. There was just one man behind it all then, and his control of media was essentially limited to the German people. The darkness that ebbs on the freedom of man today has many fingers and it threatens every corner of the globe. And where Hitler was extremely visible, the present network of evil is very much in the shadows…kept there by a well-funded, oiled and orchestrated confederate media machine! Allow me to offer just one example;

After the Tucson shooting, the machine went into hyper-drive attaching every past, present and future thought of violence to Sarah Palin and various Conservative voices. And yet, when Frances Fox Piven actually CALLS for the people to rise up in violent protest…and they respond from the streets of Tunisia to Egypt and Jordan…not a peep!

The average American has no idea what is coming. They stifle a yawn, check the Dow’s close and anticipate another day of routine ups and downs. They’ve yet to feel the heat of fact that the rest of the world is ablaze, because the endless parade of Scarborough’s and Couric’s keep pouring ice on their feet! Churchill was lucky…he had no such conspiracy to contend with!

The evil is no longer National, it is Global. Like weeds in a garden; what runs under the surface connecting the Fed to the Unions to the UN…to the White House? People find new levels of courage when they’re hungry. Why are they suddenly starving in Cairo…Mr. Bernanke? The cameras are dragging us all to the front row, center stage of the Egyptian Revolution where we pass the popcorn and root for the people, “Mubarek out now!” What about our Revolution here at home? Why don’t they want us to look HERE?

The world is slowly marching into the jaws of enslavement and time is running out! The very same voices that have kept the poor shackled to victimhood in this country are fanning the very same flames from Western Europe to the Middle East…and the flames are getting hotter and spreading faster. While the forces of darkness strengthen and re-arm themselves, we are led under the banner of weakness and appeasement to the Republic’s grave. If Mubarak should leave today, Obama should have been gone yesterday if the Republic is to survive…for he is no friend to Liberty or Freedom! In fact, they have had no greater enemy. Who in their right mind would favor the enemy within over the enemy outside?

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