The Fools Gold Media & the Anesthetization of the American Dream!

How are we intelligent enough to know a pig is still a pig with or without lip stick, and yet we succumb so easily to the illusion of authenticity from Main Stream Media? Is it just that we “want” that glittery yellow ore to be the real deal? How does the entire world not get that Mikka’s head and MSNBC’s Morning Joe Program is not the biggest hunk of Fool’s Gold on the planet? Their complete makeover from the hip black & white photos and music tracks is all about sparkle and shine to mask the fact that they are 100% counterfeit! And I submit the same is true of all the Main Stream Players from the Six O’clock News to Meet the Press!

But so many of us absorb so much of it as “truth” because they have made it an art form! When Andrea Mitchell quipped that “the Republicans have appropriated Ronald Reagan!” followed immediately by San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown’s claim that “Barak Obama is more like Ronald Reagan than anyone!” …I had all I could do to keep my food down!!! These are all the same voices of the same perfectly orchestrated prime time Main Stream Players obsessed with taking down Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. To truly understand the art of their deception, you need to pay more attention to what they don’t say than the lies and half-truths they spin ad nauseam. In fact, to truly understand them you must watch them in two stages. First, watch what they don’t report. Second, watch how they scramble to shape events that are too big to ignore to fit their agenda.

Much has changed in our world since 9/11 to be sure. But the scope and velocity of change has intensified almost beyond comprehension since the fall of Lehman Brothers in September of 2008…and faster than the speed of light since the election of one Barak Hussein Obama! All eyes on the people of Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood! Our Fools Gold Media tells us 1) The Obama Administration had no advanced warning of the revolt in Egypt. 2) It sprang out of nowhere from Face Book & Twitter! 3) Radical Islam & the Muslim Brotherhood had NOTHING to do with it. 4) It is up to the people of Egypt to decide.

What Fools Gold Media doesn’t report, 1) The relationship of Socialist Organizations to the Muslim Brotherhood. 2) Barak Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. 3) The fingerprints of George Soros from Tunisia to Yemen! 4) The voices of patriotic Muslim-Americans!

To best understand the worldwide revolution we are all standing in the middle of, it is helpful to take a sheet of legal paper and list all the stakeholders on the world stage down the left side (Unions, Tea Party, Small Business, Republicans, Democrats, Media, Radical Islamists, Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, Socialists, Communists, etc.) Across the top list social values (individual liberty & freedom, workers rights, redistribution of wealth, environmental justice, free market capitalism, limited government, welfare & entitlements, national defense & border security, 1st & 2nd amendment rights, etc.). What develops before our very eyes is the natural and “enemy of my enemy”-alliances that have set the world on fire while the rest of us are wiping the sleep out of our eyes!

How can Obama side with Ahmadinejad (our enemy) and against the Iranian People…and then turn around and side with the “Egyptian People” against Mubarak (our friend)? And how is Obama able to lecture anyone about the need for transparency and listening to the people?? Who is Bernadette Dohrn to Obama to the Gaza Flotilla to Code Pink ads on the Muslim Brotherhood Website????


“The Muslim Brotherhood in America…these non-violent Islamist political groups that we all know. These groups…the Islamic Society of North America, CAIR, etc. that are non-violent but within their own programs, have not been about reform and the separation of Mosque & State which is what our organization is about ( the 1st Amendment and the Establishment Clause), but rather they’re about just using the concept of minority status to anesthetize America to the real issues of Islamism and Sharia.”- Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, President & Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy

We have been under the anesthesiologist’s mask for too damn long! There is one truth and two forces lined up on opposing sides of it. A world-wide grass-roots coalition of freedom-loving people on one side, and a well-funded, control-obsessed centralized elite with tentacles everywhere on the other side. You who think this hasn’t reached your door…think again!

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