MSNBC’s “Morning Joke” & The American Revolution

Television has come along way since Soupy enticed his young viewers to mail him Mommy & Daddy’s little pieces of green paper with the Presidents faces on them!

Today, the greatest insult to the intelligence of the American People lives at a hip little hot spot on MSNBC’s morning lineup called Morning Joe. Earlier this week the producers of the show made the colossal blunder of inviting Harvard History Professor Niall Ferguson into their little Progressive lair to discuss Egypt.

What happened next is almost inexplicable. How and why would the producers of the show set up their own hosts and regular guests for the kill? I have never, ever witnessed a more astonishing intellectual pummeling in my entire life! But beyond that, what MSNBC (The Obama Network) allowed to happen was not only a complete and fatal exposure of the Messiah’s utter incompetence…which can only be compared to the removal of Darth Vader’s black helmet-mask at the end of Star Wars…It has captured the very essence of their Fantasy Island Ideology…the fuel that powers their Progressive Death Star from their soon-to-be vacated command post at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

If you are one of the few people who have not viewed this by now, I encourage you to do so. The crystal clear picture of the people running our country has now taken complete shape in my mind. I would like to share that with you if you are feeling brave enough…because it is well beyond frightening!

First, we are dealing with people who are (I believe) genetically predisposed to prefer hugging trees to harvesting them for shelter. They would prefer to tilt at the windmills of the future rather than acknowledge the resources of the moment…right under their very feet! And generation after generation, they continue to believe they can hug the polar bear, befriend the tyrant, and charm the cobra…as the rest of us can only look on and helplessly shake our heads in anticipation of the horror they invite.

Second, I am reminded of an old movie based on a William Golding novel, The Lord of the Flies about a group of children shipwrecked on a deserted island and forced to govern themselves. This is the portrait of who we have running our country at the moment. Barak Obama is the Lord of the Flies, leading the children absolutely nowhere. They simply haven’t got a clue. Thank you Mr. Ferguson for so brilliantly revealing this fact for all to see!

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4 Responses to MSNBC’s “Morning Joke” & The American Revolution

  1. Greg Steinke says:

    Very unnerving that at this point of a Muslim nations government overthrow the lib’s are calling this a victory for the WH. On the contrary, it will be sometime before we will know if this was a success or a disastrous failure! I read a post from Niall on Monday regarding the Middle East situation,, and it appears that we are alienating our supposed friends (allies) with a foreign policy department that is as inept as it is clueless regarding the pulse of the Middle East and the Muslim Brotherhood. God Bless Us All, and I do mean all on this planet! Great post!

  2. sigridmac says:

    Chip, you and the professor made some excellent points, particularly the one about not viewing the revolution as a success yet because there is no democratic structure in place. There’s just the Army. I’ve found that very confusing that people would be so deliriously happy about a military rule, especially with the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood still lurking.

    • shutupnsing says:

      This exchange exposed so very many weaknesses and flaws in our current foreign policy its hard to know where to begin…To my mind, the common denominator…the common “energy” thread that has stolen its way into our very fabric, is the energy of appeasement. And that should scare the piss out of anyone with common sense and sense of history! The Progressives run a protective cover for Radical Islam that so reminds me of the Nanny in the horror classic, “The Omen”…and that didn’t end well either!

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