The Coming Insurrection…Is Here!

The days of burying our heads are over…and decision time is drawing near very quickly. The world is dividing itself into what will ultimately be two camps. The good news is that as fast as this is upon us, you still have a choice…today.

From the fiery riots in Greece last year, to the violent student protests in the UK that threatened members of the Royal Family, to student riots in California last year, to actual government-overthrowing revolution spreading from Tunisia to Egypt and essentially the entire Middle East, to what amounts to the “shut down” of Wisconsin this week…These are all very well-connected dots!

The one obvious common denominator in all of the above is money. Cyndi Lauper once had a hit called, Money Changes Everything. I’m thinking she had it all wrong! We were fine when there was money!! But wait, I’m confusing myself…isn’t Timmy Geithner printing money as fast as the whirling presses can spit it out? It’s all very confusing isn’t it? Remember when we were told that the $787 Billion would keep unemployment below 8%? OOPS! Lets’ see if we have this right…The “experts”, our “leaders” told us that we could print and spend our way to more jobs. And not only have their actions created fewer jobs; They lowered the value of the dollars in my pocket and dug us a debt hole we will NEVER be able to climb out of!…and THEY STILL HAVE THEIR JOBS!!

So lets’ step back and take a fresh look at the big picture and see what other “inconsistencies” we can spot, shall we? The national grassroots phenomenon sparked by Rick Santelli’s famous rant on February 22, 2009 known as the Tea Party has by far been the biggest game-changer in Washington, DC….EVER! And, they have managed this with absolute zero violence, zero physical harm and zero property damage. Just ask the Capitol and Park Police who are delighted when the Tea Party comes to town…because there is nothing to clean up! We leave it exactly as we found it…

So how is it then, that our media and political establishment will praise the “peaceful, orderly and healthy voices” calling out for freedom on the streets of Cairo (Have you seen the videos of the rioting, looting & burning?), and then turn around and condemn the most peaceful and patriotic assembly of their own countrymen as “extreme, threatening, racist and violence-prone”? Interesting, no?

And even more interesting is watching our President side with lawlessness over law time and time again… especially when you consider that we were founded as a Republic and a nation of laws!

Professor Gates or the Cambridge Police? The New Black Panthers or American citizens attempting to cast their votes in Philadelphia? The Governor of Wisconsin or the unions looking to shut it down?

 The Leader of the House or the lawless thugs invading his own property?

These examples are in some ways more troubling than the Federal Judges “contempt ruling” over the gulf drilling moratorium or Judge Vinson’s totally ignored ruling on the “unconstitutionality” of the Health Care Bill!!

Barack Hussein Obama is the Leonard Bernstein of the New World Symphony people! And only you with your heads buried in the sand have missed the glaring notes of the New World-Movement! It is music to the ears of the sons and daughters of entitlement who have been all but lobotomized by their educators! It is a “stirring rapture” to the disenfranchised that’ve chosen to demonize success rather than face their own demons (Thanks Oprah!). And look who we have in the orchestra pit! The Main Stream Media Philharmonic! (We knew they had to be good at something other than reporting, eh?)

Well, I don’t know about you but I am absolutely breathless with anticipation as the Maestro lifts his baton skyward to signal the final sonata in d (for Destruction) major.

Two camps people! Choose now before the choice is made for you.

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1 Response to The Coming Insurrection…Is Here!

  1. Raquel Okyay says:

    I’m on your side Chip! 🙂

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