The Meltdown of the Century…

…did not occur in Fukushima, Japan! I will boldly step out onto a limb here (that’s called risk) and not predict (that’s for meteorologists), but guarantee that the Meltdown of the Century Award (more prestigious than the Nobel Peace Prize….especially now!) will go to Liberalism!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen…before our very eyes, like moths to the flame, they flew too close to the sun. And now, with their fuel rods fully exposed, nothing but hot air to cool their reactors and NO containment…forget China Syndrome…we’re talking Pluto Syndrome!

Actually, it’s not completely fair to say there was no containment, because there was. It used to be called journalism before it sold its soul along with the unions and the Democratic Party. In today’s world, the perfect metaphor for the mainstream media would be the sea walls and buildings that crumbled like match sticks against the ocean of truth in Sendai!

Across the world we are seeing the very same dynamics on different stages with different actors, acting out different plots. But the media’s MO is exactly the same in every single case…color the event to fit the agenda…the Progressive/Liberal agenda! Except, we now have a Blogosphere, Drudge & Blackberries! Fate has turned the tables and they seem either oblivious to it, or the gravitational pull of their utopian dream is just too strong for them to let go. But the medium they used to manipulate us, we have now mastered and utilized to expose them! They have become the Keystone Bank Robbers, continuing a heist planned long ago…fully aware of our broad daylight view, but unable to stop themselves! It would actually be very funny if the consequences of their years of mischief weren’t so horribly tragic!

Here is what the world will record:

  • Liberalism declared a War on Poverty and then condemned our urban youth to generations of it!
  • Liberalism staked out Public Education and then sentenced our children to misguided stupidity!
  • Liberalism promised to lift us up under the veil of compassion, and delivered misery under the shadow of entitlement!
  • Liberalism heralded a new world order and ushered in chaos!


And where is Nero as the fires consume the Roman sky? Is the mind that was once so cherished that the world bestowed its greatest honor in anticipation, focused on earning that prize or college basketball and his next round of golf?

And if you don’t believe in poetic justice, try this one on for size…from one of the greatest fiction writers of all time!

On the other side of history’s coin stands the American People, who for the first time in many years are able to gaze into the reflecting pool of destiny and see themselves as they truly are. The Liberal lens now dead and shattered held the perfect view of everything they were not!

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1 Response to The Meltdown of the Century…

  1. Raquel Okyay says:

    Liberalism is on a mission to destroy America — I agree with you. It starts in the public schools and ends in the nightly news. As you correctly say Chip, however, new media is making it’s mark and surely we are not inadvertently silent anymore. Keep it going!

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