A Marriage Made in Hell!

New World Order


Not them…they were made for one another. I’m talking about them and us as the match made in hell! Please take a very good look at two of the most important faces in America today. And if you care for the future of your country, you better study these faces and the people behind them thoroughly…TODAY, because we may not have tomorrow…at least not a tomorrow that you and I would recognize! George Soros and Frances Fox-Piven are the face of the intended radical transformation of America and the very heart of the agenda of the Obama Administration. Their influence is everywhere from Wisconsin to Libya. Their target is the United Sates Constitution! http://www.blogster.com/feralpuppies/george-soros-assault-on-us-constitution

Soros is the face and the money (lots of it!) behind The New World Order! Piven is the other half of the infamous Cloward & Piven team of radicals from the good ole SDS days of the sixties! The Cloward/Piven Strategy boils down to creating and managing crisis as a means to transform society. Sound familiar? “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”- Rahm Emanuel. Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and you will know all you need to know about Ms. Piven. But what would you get if you married Rules for Radicals with New World Order…just what would their offspring look like? Answer- Trust me…You do not want to find out! But that is exactly where we are being led at this very moment!

And, this goes much deeper…Have you heard the term “Progressive Constitution”? How about “Constitution 2020”? If the answer is no, I beg, implore & beseech you to Google and inform yourself for the sake of your family and country!

A reasonable person might ask, “Why would anyone want to change our Constitution? Is it not the very heart of the individual liberties and freedoms that attracted the rest of the world to our shores?” The answer to that, my friends lies in the darkness behind the eyes in the photos above. It is not as much about what lurks there as it is about what is missing. Darkness is merely the absence of light…this is the greatest metaphor for the danger we are in…and we don’t see it because they have been weaving their way into the societal fabric for a great number of years! But now they’re in the wheelhouse!

Four missing words are our greatest clue! Endowed by our creator! Inserted by Jefferson and removed by Obama…this is all a good American needs to know! Examine his speeches, the MSNBC Lean Forward commercials and your child’s history books!

They need to replace the seed of our founding and self-empowerment with the weed of elitism and entitlement dependency. It’s really quite simple…one they can control, and the other they cannot!

Surely you must see by now that the world being fed to you is vastly different from the world you are beginning to see outside your window…with your own eyes? I will tell you that everything in life comes down to energy. This is because energy is the source of everything in the universe…everything we hear, feel, see and touch! From the darkest matter to the brightest light…energy! And when someone says, “He has good energy.”…or, you’ve heard “She has a good vibe.”…this is what they’re referring to. It is an essence that each and every one of us measures in the other, whether we are conscious of it or not. NEVER in our lifetimes has it been as important as it is now for us to sharpen these intuitive skills we all possess.

Many of us have read the wonderful works of J.R.R. Tolkien. But fewer of us are aware that the Middle Earth, Hobbits, Elves & Orcs of his creation were, simply the inner reflection-fantasy of the greatest real world conflict of his time…perhaps of all time! The very best and worst in the nature of man was manifest in the struggle of good and evil. How can any of us look out our windows today and not see that the very same storm clouds of tyranny and chaos that darkened his world are upon us again!

A wonderful Liberal whom I love dearly did not know who Moveon.org is. Without understanding exactly what is behind our ideology, we are merely waving pretty flags. Every single American needs to know who George Soros, Frances Piven, Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Samantha Power, and Richard Trumka are, what they believe and how they’re connected! When you understand them, you will completely understand the crisis they have created and now look to manage! http://www.netnewsnetwork.net/

At the end of the day, whose energy will you trust? Those dragging us into the fires of chaos, or those they’ve demonized for trying to pull us back from the darkness and into the light of our founding truths and principles?

Rules for Patriots


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3 Responses to A Marriage Made in Hell!

  1. Marty Burnett says:

    Sure would be funny to discover one day that Palin was part of that group only in a pretty package. I’m still very suspicious of her having run with the RINO in chief McCain. Then after that fact, having stumped around the country spewing conservative rhetoric, she never once denounced all that McCain has done against the conservative cause in his career. Her actions and words diverged considerably. If she believed what she was spouting during the campaign she could not have in good faith or honesty have paired with McCain on that ticket. It was a non sequitur from the beginning, unless, of course, she was a hired distraction.

    • shutupnsing says:

      I’ve misjudged plenty in the past…we all have. But I’d hang up my hat for good if you were to be right here…it makes no sense to me. McCain grabbed her ’cause he needed a good strong female conservative. And the Left simply do not hate anyone as much, that ain’t totally worth loving!!

  2. Marty Burnett says:

    I’ve grown quite suspicious and even cynical toward the GOP and with good cause over the years. I pray she doesn’t run for POTUS. We DO NOT need an manic cheerleader at this point running for any public office. We need educated, intelligent, wise, calm statesmen. Unfortunately, Americans seem only to respond to those who use sports analogies to make a connection. I’d give just about anything to see Calvin Coolidge return before it’s too late. For now, I’ll take Trump since I can’t have Paul. Because of his wealth even he is suspect. I don’t know if he’s a lone wolf capitalist or if he’s part of the elite crowd. I haven’t found any article wherein his money is followed yet. Palin is a shallow distraction designed to re-elect Chairman O.

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