The Final Agonizing Death Knell of the Ruling Class!

How wonderfully appropriate to frame the desperate spasm of a zillion term Senator, defending public-funded DEATH while lashing out at the Tea Party as “undeserving of freedom” for DEFENDING LIFE!!!

I made Turtle Sauce Piquant for a bunch of Cajuns once in a past lifetime. It was a culinary carpe diem moment that sprang from the gift from some fishermen who had snagged a couple of good-sized turtles they had no use for…and we were hungry! I had never butchered turtles before, so I was a bit traumatized to open the refrigerator door an hour after having done so…to see the body parts still moving!!!!

Such is the fate of the Ruling Class! They are dead on their feet, but their lips keep moving! Of course the very last salvos launched from their funeral procession in slow motion would logically be directed at those responsible for their final farewell…but alas, in the end we are all the authors of our own destiny! Make no mistake, the Lautenberg’s, Frank’s and “Good Time Charlie” Rangel’s of the world are all but in the ground! Witness:

  • The spreading fire of REVOLT AGAINST COLLECTIVE BARGAINING for the unholy Bermuda Triangle of Democrats, Unions & Tax Payer dollars it is!


  • The total co-opting of the once Grand Old Democratic Party by the most radical Socialist and Marxist elements of our society!


  • Limbaugh, Hannity, & Beck as popular as ever! O’Donnell, Olbermann & Couric…TOAST!


  • OBAMA! The greatest mistake any free society has ever made! It wasn’t Kool Aid…it was a Jim Jones Cocktail! But fortunately for us, Providence whipped up a Tea Party Remedy!


This is not to say that our troubles are over dear friends…not by a country mile. In fact the global fires are simply the inevitable consequence of the seeds they planted long ago…and it is Reaping Time at the OK Corral!

On one side we have a New World Order Ruling Class Piquant digging in for their heels for one last desperate lunge…and on the other, the Sons and Daughters of Liberty & Freedom! Choose wisely…

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4 Responses to The Final Agonizing Death Knell of the Ruling Class!

  1. Jimmie Young says:

    This is a very elegant observation of current events. I only hope that we Freedom Lovers can put together the most effective dynamic group of Candidates for the 2012 election.
    Massive money will be spent by the Liberals to try to convert our society to the Marxist/Socialist/Progressive model they so dearly love. All they can see is the victory over Conservatism, not the chaos and societal ruin that will follow once the “Money Masters” have accomplished their “Global Plan”!! All those elite don’t see what can happen if the “Masters” can accomplish their destructive goals.
    None but the wealthiest elites will escape the total collapse of our great society. most will find themselves in the streets with the rest of the citizens who were betrayed by the Elites who thought they couldn’t be affected by this Master Plan and find themselves having to forage for food along with the rest of us!!!
    A rather Bleak Picture of the future but worth considering while continuing the battle against The Liberal Dream!! It’s up to the common American Citizen to educate him/her self to the plans of destruction being implemented by the Current Administration. Americans must remember that they are in the majority and CAN defeat this Liberal Plan by being informed and being involved!! God Bless America!

  2. Jan Berry says:

    Doesn’t anyone see that the Elite Ruling Class working toward a New World Order has pumped up all the sensitive issues of concern by Conservatives and Liberals to pit us against each other, polarizing us and splitting us to the point of cival war leaving the door open for them to sweep in and “solve all our problems”. Don’t we all really want the same thing. For humanity, for our country, for our citizens, for ourselves. We are like dogs that have been thrown a small piece of meat that we fight over while another drags off the whole cow. When are we going to grow up and pull our heads out of our shells and look around at the real world and the real problems. We are becoming our own worst enemy. Instead of sticking our head up our stagnant ass, let’s look ahead 20 or 50 years and see what we need to do now to make it a place our children can live in. People are different, individually and in groups, let’s celebrate and incorporate that in our future world…..what would life be like if we were all the same. But, as different as we are in some ways, we are all same in others. Look up “mobius strip” it clearly shows that we can be on opposite sides yet on the same side. Conceptual but possible. God and politics have been our downfall….let’s sweep away that debris and figure out how to do it right.

    • shutupnsing says:

      Agree with pretty much everything you say Jan! Pitting Americans against one another is the “evil” of this President. I am wondering how you hold God responsible when it is WE who have shoved him into the closet…with the help of NEA focus on “social engineering” rather than “education”.

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