Our Antidote to the Deadly Poison of Alinsky Chaos!

On Monday, a major cable television personality revealed the extensive video evidence of a detailed leftist plot headed by a ranking “higher up” member of SEIU, to sabotage the US Capital Markets…targeting JP Morgan Chase! But that’s not the real story. The real headline is Main Stream Media Covers Up Domestic Terrorism!…or better yet, DOJ Ignores, Main Stream Media Covers Up Domestic Terrorism! You and I were not informed by the people who are supposed to protect and inform us! THEY WANT TO DESTROY THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM OF THE UNITED STATES! What does this mean to us?

It suggests to me that as nasty as things are becoming outside our borders, we had better start paying much closer attention to what’s happening within them! Sooner or later, and it better be sooner, this country is going to wake up to the FACT that her greatest enemy sits in the Oval Office and signs Holder’s paycheck! Just how many red flags will we need to see before we realize that the enemy of the American People will never prosecute the enemy of the American People! Will we “get it” before Israel becomes dust and the dollar becomes a penny?

So, here we are at a basic crossroads-type moment of truth. We can either sleep peacefully tonight knowing that the DOJ will bring the full weight of its power & resources to shine the light of justice on the evil doers… http://www.theblaze.com/stories/revealed-the-lefts-economic-terrorism-playbook-the-chase-campaign-for-a-coalition-of-unions-community-groups-lawmakers-and-students-to-take-down-us-capitalism-and-redistribute-wealth-power/  or, we can assume and prepare for the fact that they will smooth the runway for their leftist confederates behind the plot…exactly as they have in Arizona & Wisconsin! After all, expecting otherwise is much the same as appealing to the SS to turn on Hitler!

Well, you can all follow your gut on this one. Me? I’ve seen enough by now to recognize the bread crumbs of truth that lead those of us objective enough, to the assume & prepare-path. And for those of you so inclined, here are the Rules for Patriots I have come up with, including the antidote for the lethal poison that we all ingested on January 1, 2008.

First and foremost we need to acknowledge the fact that the campaign promise of Hope & Change has become the global reality of CHAOS! Next, and this may be tougher for some than others, we need to absorb into every cellular fiber of our being a very devastatingly cold hard fact. This was by design! This was by design! This was by design!

Most of us are aware that Obama was a Harvard Law Professor. But,  I’ll bet not everyone knows that he incorporated much of the teachings of the sixties radical Saul Alinsky into his courses. Or that Obama was, in fact, an admitted disciple of Alinsky’s and taught from Alinsky’s infamous Rules for Radicals. If you haven’t read this little nugget, it’s essentially a “how to” manual for overthrowing government. http://www.vcn.bc.ca/citizens-handbook/rules.html  The essence of its 10 steps is to wear down and neutralize the opposition by means of intimidation and chaos…so as to bring about a redistribution of wealth! Sound familiar? Think Marx, and I don’t mean Groucho!

Next, we need to decide whether we love our country enough to save it! If you are all with me so far, here is the absolute guaranteed not to fail 10 step antidote to the dreaded PBA (poisoning by Alinsky)!

  1. Know who you are and what you believe in.
  2. Do your homework! (You cannot be an effective citizen if you do not understand who moveon.org, media matters, George Soros and Code Pink are and how they are all connected.) Order pocket Constitutions from Heritage.com for you and your kids!
  3. We need to reconnect to source! How many of us who are Christian have given up “giving up” for Lent? They are coming, and they want “confusion, fear & retreat”! Meditation* & prayer must be our response. When they hit you with confusion, cleave to order. When they hit you with fear, cleave to courage. And when they try to make you retreat, cleave to your inner warrior!


4.   Engage, using your unique talents. If you write, write your message. If you  sing, sing    your message. It is time to free ourselves from the self-confinement of political correctness!

5.   Think globally, act locally! Identify and research local, state & federal candidates who reflect your values…and support them! Network!

6.    Involve your children! This is an amazing teaching opportunity! And most importantly, involve yourself in their classroom! What are they being taught and not taught in school?

7.    Hope for the best, and plan for the worst!** Today’s realities are headlines that would have been science fiction a few short years ago!

8.    Organize a “Neighborhood Preparedness” get-together (we are actually having our first meeting tonight!) that transcends political party. All welcome!

9.   We are what we think! Recognize how they have turned our minds to mush…I think we can all count the ways. Take your mind back! Honor it with positive thought!

10.   Each and every night before and as you close your eyes to go to sleep, visualize a better, safer and more peaceful world. Plant this vision as a seed of intention in your conscious mind, to take root in the powerful sub-conscious mind!

* email me at cavern1@optonline.net if you need help with meditation technique.

** email me at same address for a comprehensive family survival guide.

Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it.” – Judge Learned Hand



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3 Responses to Our Antidote to the Deadly Poison of Alinsky Chaos!

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  2. Snowflake70 says:

    As duty, in the wings, is probably posturing me to become a co-editor of a new alternative newspaper in my county, challenging the status quo, you must know your words strike deep.
    A product of the late 1960’s (high school), my roots are seasoned. Little did I know they would only have the need and fertlizer to reach the depths they have. My historical knowledge base is crude and not very well suited but what I have learned has been by experience. I know first hand the military, individual freedom, judicial manipulation, political ineptness, callus disregard of the peoples needs and wants in favor of financial gain and political power. I have smelled the corruption from the top down. I have witnessed it in various locations around the country.

    Our immune system has been compromised by a world of parasites. We have become infected. As the saying goes: physician heal thyself the time has come for us to do just that. Every person a blood cell we must unite for the sake of the body or perish. I obviously do not portend socialism is the answer but the enlightened representative democracy we st out to become. The job isn’t over nor will it ever be. The name of the game is V – not for Vendetta (although it applies) – but for Vigilance.

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